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Shisha Pipe

Originating from the Middle East, smoking a shisha pipe is always a very sociable occasion, particularly if you have a multi hose pipe. Shisha pipes are available in a number of styles to suit a wide range of tastes. Perhaps the biggest single advantage of using a shisha, rather than a normal pipe or cigarette, is that as the vapour passes through water most of the harmful tar is removed.

Some of the pipes you are able to purchase are not only practical, they are also highly attractive in their own right, so even if you are not a smoker you might like to have one in your home, simply as a form of decoration; pipes are available in a number of colours.

If you have owned a shisha pipe for a number of years, you might be interested in updating it by replacing the existing head with a modern Amanoo E Hookah Head. Whilst all shisha pipes are healthier than other forms of smoking the latest models have been designed to vaporise a selection of E-liquids rather than burning the more traditional molasses.

Keeping your pipe clean is essential if you are to maximise your enjoyment; however, this is a time-consuming task that many tend to put off whenever possible. One solution is to switch to an all-glass model, which is significantly easier to maintain. It is also said that the glass construction makes for a tastier smoke and fumes are almost completely eliminated.

One, two and four hose pipes are readily available, so if you are feeling sociable why not invite friends and family to join you in sampling some of the wide variety of flavours just waiting for you to try.

Are you always on the move and looking for a hookah that is easily transportable, perhaps a pipe you can take on holiday with you? If so, you have not been forgotten; look at products such as the Amanoo Portable Hookah V2, which is easy to assemble and can be charged via the USB cable included in the price.

Whatever type or colour of shisha pipe you are looking for there is sure to be one to suit your particular preference.