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Hookah Accessories

Hookah or Shisha pipes conjure up images of Middle Eastern cafes with the men smoking at tables and talking about the politics of the day. If you enjoy using a hookah or shisha pipe you will know that to keep them functioning properly they need regular maintenance. When your Hookah pipe is not functioning at its best there is no need to throw it away instead come to Shiva. We have a whole range of hookah or shisha accessories and we will get your hookah pipe back to its best in no time.

You might like to relax outside and smoke your hookah whilst you contemplate the stars or watch the people go by, but on a windy day this can be almost impossible with the coals frequently being blown out. This is where the hookah wind guard comes in handy. With an attractive star design the Hookah Wind Guard will not only prevent your coals being blown out it will also protect you from hot coals and ash being blown about on the wind.

The High-Life hookah filter is a fantastic addition to any hookah. Made of plastic these small devices fit into most hookah and shisha pipes and filter the impurities from the smoke. They are quick and easy to fit, simply insert the thin end of the filter into the hookah hose and then inhale from the other end for a smoother smoke. The filter is made from gauze and charcoal carbon. You can use the filter up to 15 times before it will need replacing.

Our twin clay shisha bowl is made from a naturally occurring clay as have shisha bowls for centuries. If you want more smoke than you can get from a single bowl or you want to experiment with different mixtures of herbal smokes then this is the bowl for you.