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Electro Play

Electro Play is for the next level of pleasure. Small electronic pulses are sent to you and will stimulate your every desire! You start with the very lowest setting and then gradually turn it up until you find your perfect level of pleasure. Get in to the world of Elecrosex right here at Shiva!

Amazing fun for trusting couples, electro play brings a whole new level of sensation to the bedroom! Ideal for use in BDSM power play, electro sex toys can be used to induce gentle pleasure or mind blowingly powerful and never ending orgasms for the braver adventurers among you!

Many of these electro toys can be used solo or power can be given to a partner who is then in complete control of your wild sensations.

Electrosex isn't about causing pain at all; rather the sensations range from a light tickle and tingling sensation that arouses the nerve endings, through to a similar sensation to a vibrating love toy when an attachment is inserted, all the way up to a light sting on the highest settings. Users should always start with the power turned off entirely, place or insert the attachments, and then turn on the power box to the lowest settings, working your way up until you find the one you like.

Here at Shiva we stock a great range of electro sex toys, from the beginner to the experienced electro pro, with devices that can stimulate any area of your body you want!