ROOR Glass Products

For the serious smoker there is only one water pipe that they would consider and that has to be the Roor Bong. These classic items have been made in Germany for over thirty years by glass blower Martin Birzle, and manufactured using Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing borosilicate glass. The craftsmanship is clearly evident when you first handle the item, from its thick-walled pipes with clean lines, to the very minimalist finish, all of which gives the Roor Bongs their originality.

Here at Shiva we sell a wide range of Roor products including a vast array of accessories and spares. Naturally as the Roor is of exception quality you would not wish to replace a broken part with anything other than the genuine article, we stock a full range.

For the smoker who prefers a stronger hit but still want the quality that the Roor Bong brings, we suggest using the Roor Steamroller Pipe. We offer five different sized pipes at the web site and just as with the Roor Bong; these pipes are made to the same high standard using strong borosilicate glass.