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Roor Glass Pipes

ROOR bring their bong making expertise to this beautiful range of steamroller pipes. ROOR is justly famous for its high-end hand-blown glass bongs, but did you know that the firm also made pipes? Well, you do now, and rest assured that the ROOR Steam Roller range of pipes is manufactured to the same high standard as ROORs world-class bongs. Just like them, these elegant but powerful pipes are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing, with equal attention given to look and use. At ROOR, form always follows function, and nothing is ever tacked on just for appearance's sake, nor is any design feature merely a frippery put there on a whim to seem whacky. With ROOR you can be sure that what you're getting first and foremost is a pipe manufactured with a high level of performance in mind, but one that will also look great with the company's trademark cool, minimal styling upheld on every model.

Choosing a pipe over a bong is a question of practicality and personal taste. Certainly, a pipe is quicker and easier to use, more portable and less obtrusive. The smoke isn't filtered through water so it is more powerful and has a harsher taste, which some people actually prefer. Many like to have a choice of both, depending on mood and circumstances. One thing is for sure; if you're a pipe man and want a model you know will last, with the same quality and performance as your trusted ROOR bong, then the Steam Roller line has what you're looking for. The pipes come in four sizes, from the mini (10cm) to the large (25cm), and don't forget the Rasta editions with their distinctive red, yellow and green logo. All are manufactured from the same strong, clean borosilicate glass as ROOR bongs. If youre wondering why Steam Roller, just watch the thick smoke roll down the tube, or ask what hit you after you've inhaled, and you'll be sure to know!