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Discrete Smoking Pipes

If you want to smoke but need to be discrete, then our range of disguise pipes are just the ticket. We have a great range of disguise pipes, including ones that look like spark plugs, ones that look like edible lolly pops or ones that look like nuts and bolts when they are disassembled. Organic marijuana is a naturally occurring product that is preferred by many users, and with our range of disguise pipes, you can smoke your favourite stash discretely.

Our spark plug pipe is a clever little item with two configurations. In the first configuration, the pipe just looks like an ordinary spark plug – no one would suspect what it really is. In its other configuration, it is a portable one-hitter pipe. To switch between the configurations, you simply screw off the end of the plug and you have your pipe. Screw the end back on again and you have an ordinary spark plug.

The Zippo pipe is a cunning piece of kit. In one configuration, it looks like a classy but simple Zippo lighter. However, it is easily transformed into a fully functional pipe. The beauty of this pipe is that even when it is opened, it still looks like a simple lighter. To convert it to a usable pipe, remove the slim tube from the flint section and then re-attach it to the case’s underside. You can also conceal your stash in the central chamber when the pipe is not in use.

Puff pops are sweets that are pipes, or pipes that are sweets, whichever way you want to look at it. These pipes look just like sweets. What is more, they flavour the tobacco when you use them to smoke. If you want a sweet hit afterwards, simply wash out the bowl and suck!