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At Shiva, we have an assortment of brass pipes that range from basic pipes to the more expensive deluxe pipes. Our brass pipes come in some stunning designs, such as the Sit-up Snake or the Loop pipes, which are not only great pipes but also unique and certain to attract attention. The Proto Pipe is a beautiful pipe and highly functional; in itself a thing of beauty.

Brass Smoking Pipes

Our Brass Sit-up Pipe is one of our cheaper brass pipes, but it is still a great little pipe. The stem has a twisted loop, designed so that it can be laid down on a table or other flat surface in between tokes. Therefore, if you like to relax during smoking, this little pipe could be just the thing.

The Brass Sit-up Snake pipe has a similar design as the Sit-up pipe, and can be laid down on a flat surface between tokes. Its twisted stem is reminiscent of snakes emerging from a snake charmer’s basket.

At the higher end of the price range is the Deluxe Brass Pipe, which is characterised by a high quality build. These beautiful pipes are built to last and include a tar trap, which means that you get a cleaner and more pleasurable smoke. Organic marijuana is a naturally occurring product, but smoking anything may have health implications. The tar trap catches carcinogens and can act as a handy storage compartment for your stash. Cleaning the pipe is a breeze as it comes apart into four pieces, including a prodder that is used to clean the pipe, as well as a removable cap that allows access to the tar trap for cleaning.

At the top of the range is our stunning Brass Proto Pipe Deluxe. The pipe was originally designed in the US in the 60s and features a stash pot, cleaning prodder and a large closable bowl that is also waterproof.