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ROOR Diffuser Downpipes

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Product Description

Brand: Roor


ROOR diffuser close up

If you have lost or broken the downpipe for your ROOR bong, then you will obviously need a replacement. Why not try the Diffuser Downpipe instead of a regular one?

These marvels have been created with a vast array of holes at the bottom of the downpipe. This effectively breaks the smoke up into smaller 'bubbles' for extra efficient cooling.

Make sure that you buy the correct sized ROOR downpipe, use our measurement guide below;


Glass fittings are usually only ever 14.5mm or 18.8mm, this measurement represents the diameter of the hole in which the downstem or bowl would sit.


The length of a ROOR downstem is the distance from the top of the misty glass right down to the end of the stem (measurements do not include anything above the misted part).

Remember that a stem that is shorter for your bong can still be used while one that is too long cannot, you can add more water to submerge the end but you can't make the bong base deeper.

(This measurement guide is only for ROOR glass stems, non ROOR stems measurements start at the bottom of the misted section and go down to the base of the stem from there)

ROOR 250 replacement is 14.5mm gauge 10.5cm stem.

Content produced on 26/04/2017

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