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Smart and shiny, compact and weighty, the Metro Pipe is an intriguing device that is not only good looking but is also a rather splendid smoking tool. You'll be able to load, smoke, clean and play with this pipe until well after the cows have come home.

The Metro Pipe has a delightfully Art Deco appearance and has certainly been crafted with a great amount of care. It makes a smashing paper weight for when your scrolls are blowing all over the table, it is a pleasure to hold and of course to smoke through. There is a handy little stash compartment for storing your herbs safely before you smoke them, so all you need is a light and your Metro Pipe then you can have a discreet puff with great ease. The Metro Pipe makes a beautiful gift, but something this cool is hard to not keep for yourself!

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Metro Pipe has been reviewed 2 times scoring an average 5 out of 5 stars

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Zoid Head on 7th February 2013

    Easily the best pipe I have ever owned. It smokes beautifully, looks great, is highly discreet and has that "can't stop playing with it" quality gadget feel of something like a brass Zippo lighter. Can also be taken apart easily and cleaned to maintain the all-important industrial levels of smoke flow that will have users of this pipe raising their eyebrows with (pleasurable) surprise. A design classic!

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    H£rbal T on 2nd August 2012

    After using a favourite blue glass pipe of mine in a carpark and almost getting caught I realised I needed something discrete for out and about smoking. The Metro pipe does not disappoint, not only does it deliver slightlycool yet heavy smoke (due to the pipes airflow system and small size) but it is easily transportable (you can pack both the bowl and the stash compartment and keep that shit in yo pocket). This pipe exceeded expectations, put it this way i'm uber baked on a small bowl of chegs.

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