Incredibowl 420 2.0

Incredibowl 420 2.0
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Product Description

Incredibowl Industries

THE AWARD WINNING INCREDIBOWL! Incredibowl Industries present the unprecedented genius of the Incredibowl! The physics behind this marevellous contraption really are incredible.

If you're someone who can't wait to get your hands on the latest technological toy, this has got to be for you.

Is it a bong? Is it as pipe? The Incredibowl is, in fact, one of a kind. Countless hours of design, testing, research and development, have led to this revolutionary product that delivers purified smoke to your lungs in the most economical way possible. Forget bucket bongs, forget waterpipes. The Incredibowl is the only piece of smoking apparatus you are ever going to need.

With a life-long guarantee, you know it's money well spent.

Watch The Incredibowl Demonstration Video:

So How Does It Work?

The Physics of the Incredibowl:

  • You light your smoking herbs in the glass bowl, then create suction which draws the smoke into the brass Smoke-Injection Nozzle.

  • The Nozzle acts as a heat sink while the hot smoke pools inside it and cools down. Then the smoke passes across the even cooler stainless steel, fine-mesh screen. Because the metal screen isn't actually near the heat source (unlike other pipes or bongs), the tars in the smoke have cooled and condensed by the time they pass through it, making them thicker, stickier, and easier for the screen to catch.

  • The filtered, cooled smoke expands into the Expansion Chamber. When gasses expand, they increase in volume, decrease in density, and lose energy in the form of heat. Other pipe and bong models leave much of this cooling, filtering, and expansion to happen in your throat and lungs, resulting in irritation, harsh sensations and lost flavour.

  • When you create suction, you’re creating a difference in pressure between the Expansion Chamber and the atmosphere outside the chamber. Then, when you pull the carb out, the pressure inside the Expansion Chamber has to become equal to the pressure outside, which forces air through the carb holes. These holes are cleverly arranged geometrically, causing the air to rush into the chamber like a symmetrical system of air jets which displaces the smoke smoothly and quickly into your lungs.

  • With other pipe designs, the air that comes through the carb has to mix with the smoke and this actually increases the amount you have to inhale, and you still have to create suction to inhale the mixture.

  • Bongs or waterpipes make your lungs work even harder, because the water acts as a pressure lock that prevents the carb air from flowing properly. The Incredibowl’s carb uses the suction you’ve already created to blast large or small volumes of filtered, cooled, and flavoursome smoke into your lungs.

The Incredibowl is incredibly strong. It was built using BowlArmor TM technology and features a borosilicate glass bowl and shatterproof polycarbonate which is also used in bullet proof windows. People have tried stepping on it and bouncing up and down on it - it's damn near indestructible. We wouldn't necessarily recommend that you try this though - just get on with smoking it as the clever designers intended!

The Incredibowl won 3rd Place in the Best Glass Category in the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd Place in the Best New Product category.

Now available in Green, Black, Fire Red and Blutonium Grey!

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