Kannastor Grinders


In a world where grinders seem to be a dime a dozen, you will quickly come to realize that grinders are not all created equal. A cheap, low-quality grinder can have you feeling frustrated as you waste precious time trying to extract or powder your herbs. Fortunately, the Kannastor aluminium grinder offers both simplicity and durability, so you can grind with ease.

The design

The Kannastor is a high-quality grinder that has quickly become a favourite among herb grinders. The aluminium design allows you to pulverise your herbs to a fine powder, and the addition of a clear lid allows you to see how well your herbs grind, which saves time by taking the guesswork out of your grinding experience.

Benefits of features

Finer grinding means you can experience a smoking experience without the unpleasant presence of seeds and other plant parts you may not want in your pipes or papers.

The aluminium teeth work together to offer you the finest grinding possible, no matter the consistency of your herbs.

An easy-to-grip magnetised lid offers security and ease-of-use that you would expect from a high-quality grinder.

An aluminium screen allows you to filter your ground up herbs for an enjoyable and highly appreciated smoking experience.