Abscent Design

Abscent Design Odour Proof Travel Bag

These high quality odour-absorbing bags are designed and manufactured in San Diego, North America, and we are very proud to be able to present them to you right here at Shiva.

These unique designs are reusable and are superior quality to standard smell-proof baggies, offering awesome style as well as functionality. Three years of research went into designing these babies to get them perfect for you!

We are pleased to be able to present to you, the Pocket Protector, a small, pocket-sized Abscent bag that is easily transportable and will fit in any pocket or even your wallet. The Banker, which is a travel-sized baggy, that will easily fit into your rucksack or suitcase, and also the toiletry bag, which is ideal for your luggage. Double lined with charcoal, these baggies will absorb any nasty smells!

Abscent Deisgn are a market leading company than produces smell proof bags and apparel, with a fresh and unique design. Their mission is to provide quality products with a focus on function, utilizing superior materials in conjunction with precise manufacturing processes, the Abscent Collection offers the best in odor-absorbing bags