Sex Doll

Not just a necessary accessory to a stag do, Sex Dolls can help alleviate a lonely night as well. Perfect for both solo pleasure and stamina training.

An inflatable sex doll doesn't replace the love of a good woman, but when needs must there's only one place to turn to, and that is to Shiva for one of our sex dolls.

Our sex dolls are full sized and are made from PVC. They even have three usable holes for your full enjoyment.

Intimate experiences with a sex doll are a very different experience to using a handheld masturbator or other toy, as you can replicate actual positions that you would with a partner. The holes in a sex doll are ready to go with a little lube, but for an even better experience, we would recommend that you pair your doll up with a handheld masturbator, such as the Better Than Real Pussy or the Pussy Galore for an even better experience.