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Mountain High Rolling Papers & Cones

Mountain High Papers & Cones

Mountain High pre-rolled conical cones are made from high quality cigarette paper, which is thin enough to be almost completely translucent. Manufactured for several decades under the globally registered brand name Cones®, the product features a combination of cigarette paper and cardboard filter. The filter tip is designed to enhance your smoking experience by minimising the occurrence of blend penetration whilst allowing the maximum volume of smoke to pass through.

All cones in the range have a glued seam, which is sealed without saliva and are suitable for filling either manually or by production line machines. Seams are a minimum of around 0.7mm wide and a paper flashover of at least 3mm is quoted by the manufacturer.

The Mountain High range

Kingsize cones - are sold in blister packs of six or 12 cones. Cone dimension is 109mm with a 30mm filter.

Kingsize Natural - can be purchased in blister packs of three. Cones are 109mm long with a 30mm filter.

Supersize cones - are available in single blister packs. Each cone is 180mm long and features a 54mm filter.

Giga Size - each blister pack contains a single cone which is 280mm long with an 88mm filter. The Giga takes a massive 12g of tobacco or other substance, making it perfect for parties.

Joy Box - each box is pre-packed with three Kingsize cones protected from crushing by a removable polystyrene block. The box makes loading the cones with your favourite tobacco or herbal preparation simple and quick.

Basic Kingsize - packs contain 12 cones, each of which is 109mm long with a 30mm filter.

Black Label Party Size - if you are entertaining friends this is the perfect choice. Each pack contains 32 cones, each 140mm long.

Black Label Kingsize each 109mm long cone comes in its own pack, which can be used as an aid to filling. By opening the bottom of the pack the cone is held at its thickest point. This turns the pack into a funnel, making it easy to pour the fill in. Three or 12 cone packs are available.

You can be assured of the highest quality product when you purchase Mountain High cones.