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OCB Crystal Rolling Machine

There is a definite knack to rolling a perfectly long cylindrical cigarette, some people can make it looks so easy, remember those wonderful old Westerns where the Cowboy makes a smoke using one hand? Some of us cannot manage it with two! However, the OCB Crystal Rolling Machine will make the perfect cigarette which will be hard to tell form a “tailor-made” one.

All that is required is a supply of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, suitable paper, a good one is the Classic No.8 or Mascotte Green Organics, filter if you prefer one and then, roll the two rollers together moisten the edge and open up, there is your neat home-rolled cigarette waiting for you to enjoy. It really is that simple and for the very attractive price offered on our web pages of £2.99, or you can buy two for only £5.00 and have a spare in the car, pocket or handbag, whilst you always have on at home or when out and about.

Neat enough to carry around at 26mm (w) x 26mm (h) x 78mm (d) light in weight too at only 22grams, or less than an ounce if you prefer. This neat rolling machine would make a perfect companion for the Clip Shot Tobacco tin.

Dynavap The “M” 2020 Edition

You may have been vaping for some time and are used to the convenience and pleasure, but now could you be looking for a vaporizer with that bit more panache? Recently added to our extensive range of vaping items that can be found on our web pages, DynavapThe “M” 2020 edition is certain to give you the hit that suits you.

This is because it now features a clever method of allowing you to control the air flow and it works by adjusting form closed when you will experience a thicker steam, but opening up the flow of ait means that will provide a softer steam.

Like its predecessor the “M” 2020 is constructed from medical grade stainless steel, features a faceted tip with airflow serrations, but unlike some others does not need a battery, which of course can run out of power just when you need a smoke! Any external heat source such as a cigarette lighter will ensure that it will deliver the hits.

We believe that the “M” is the very first vaporizer that can be heated up in less than a few seconds using a cigarette lighter, or any other flame such as candle, or even that little glowing ember as you sit around a campfire. Simple to use just load a tiny amount of ground herbs into the Dynavap “M” tip heat up until you hear the distinctive click, and then you are on your way to inhaling full flavoured smoking.

This is a very affordable and fantastic vaporizer offered by us at £79.99, why not add to your wish list or buy now whilst still in stock.

Unravelling the mystery of E Liquids

Vaping is the new and safer way to smoke and also to deliver the nicotine for ex cigarette smokers who still desire the pleasure that it can deliver. E Juice is the necessary part of using a vape product; this is what delivers the flavours that you choose to enjoy. As can be easily seen on our website, E Liquids come in many enticing flavours as well as differing strengths of nicotine, if the smoker decides to choose a flavour with nicotine added.

We have been asked what the make-up of the E Liquid is particularly the flavourings which we can confirm are produced from food based products. The range is quite wide and there are some interesting suggestions such as grape, blueberry or mango, for the really adventurous you can impress, or baffle friends with choices such as bacon or even cheesy nacho’s, now there is a crazy one maybe! Of course for many they prefer to go along with traditional tobacco flavoured E Liquids, the likes of many well-known tobacco company cigarette products are available.

We should mention the nicotine content here as this is the product in tobaccos that is addictive, no secret there, but vaping using nicotine based E Liquid has been successful in weaning ex tobacco smoker off the tobacco habit, this is achieved by a gradual reduction in the strength of nicotine added. Generally the strengths offered are 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg of nicotine per Millilitre of juice, meaning the user can choose how much nicotine they want to ingest.

So no matter what your preference may be, we at Shiva will have it, fruity your choice or possibly you prefer a more custard with a blob of jam. Check out our web pages for all things vaping and the essential Liquids to go with them.

Which Vape pen should I choose?

If you are venturing into the world of Vaping, then you will be amongst the many who may have decided to quit smoking cigarettes and go down the acknowledged safer route of using a vape pen or pipe, choosing the right one for you can be easier than you may have imagined.
There may be financial considerations when choosing your first vape pen, and as it is possibly the first time that you have used one then perhaps it is wise to choose a budget pen before moving on to something more sophisticated as there is a lot to consider.
It can be quite confusing understanding all the items associated with vaping. For example there is the resistance of the heating coil, 0.3ohm & 1.0ohm coils, atomiser as well as clearomisers and that is before you have to consider the increasing array of liquids, flavours and the strength of the nicotine, should you decide to continue to gradually wean yourself away from nicotine.

Unlike the ever-increasing cost of cigarette smoking, vaping can be much more affordable than perhaps you imagined or have been told. We have a wide selection of pens to get you started; branded and reliable vape pens from brands such as GrenCo, this company produces the Gumball 3000 hookah pen which is a really good starter pen with an excellent battery like and a big tank for your e-liquids and is manufactured by the world-famous GrenCo company; they also make a huge range of liquids and smoking accessories.
Hard though it may seem to users of the Atmos Optimus, the Atmos Optimus V2 is an improved version of the original, with a bigger tank, a better battery life, no more running out of battery in the middle of the day.

Once you have enjoyed the delights of vaping and using one of the two mentioned pens, it could be time to upgrade to something different and we can guide you down this road. For example, KangerTech is well-known market leaders right from the very start of vaping using pens many years ago. We will be happy to discuss the many options available and as always Shiva will be here to offer advice and of course quality vaping products.

RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

Raw Black Rolling TrayWe cannot for a certain state that RAW is the smoker’s favourite company, we can only say that it is a company featured on our web pages which creates a tremendous amount of hits. Now obviously there is a very good reason for this and that has to be, in a word, quality.
Quality is what is apparent when someone who buys a RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray from our pages is very clear when they first set eyes upon it. Straight away the polished gold-toned metal which is enhanced with a part-black part-clear finish ensures that the gold shines through, we can only describe the effect as being rather gorgeous!

Important though that may be, it is the functionality of the tray that is important to most users, ensuring that no precious tobacco or herbal mixture is wasted. The RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray is deep enough at 20mm to keep the smoking blend within the tray but shallow enough to allow the user to roll a cool cigarette or blend some herbs or tobacco, naturally, the Raw tray comes with a Certificate of RAWthenticity!

We are offering these at our web pages and in-store in a small and large size, these are: small with dimensions: 275mm x 175mm priced at £6.99 and the larger one is 335mm x 275mm with a price of just £10.99. Keep your smoking mixture secure when blending or rolling with the genuine RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is the most awarded and flavourful wax vape pen ever and if it is possible it has now be improved even further. How do you improve on near perfection, well the Valencia Los Angeles company appears to have the secret; the Puffco Plus continues with the successful cutting edge ceramic atomiser, which is completely unlike anything else on the market. The secret is the high-quality ceramic nail which becomes evenly heated producing potent and thick and very tasty vapour.

The three temperature settings are adjusted to allow you to choose whichever you prefer at the time, these vary from a light flavourful hit to a thick smoke; one example is that this could be a sesh mode, designed to give an experience normally found in a dab experience.  The cleverly constructed mouthpiece, which it has within it a ceramic dart, and it is this that makes the loading of the Puffco Plus simplicity in itself. There is also a splash guard that will enable the atomiser to efficiently retain the important oil.

We believe that the Puffco Plus is a great vaporizing tool, not just super sleek, but a very efficient and satisfying way to enjoy your favourite essential oils. Currently, we are offering this at 10% off the original price of £104.99, take advantage of the offer price of just £94.99 whilst stocks last for this most awarded vaping ceramic atomiser.

Chongz Trident ‘Triple J’ Cigarette Holder

It was around the 1920’s and 30’s that the cigarette holder became synonymous with glamorous film stars, one name that comes to mind is that of Marlene Dietrich, German American actress icon of the silver screen in the 30’s and 40’s never seen without one. In later years we saw Lucille Ball and Rita Hayworth sporting cigarette holders often decorated and varying in length. Who though can forget the image of Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Of course, it was not just women that preferred to smoke using a cigarette holder; many will remember Terry Thomas, American President Franklin D Roosevelt, Noel Coward, Cary Grant amongst many.

Although many of these cigarette holders seen were often extremely eye-catching, none could compare with the latest offering at our web pages, the Chongz Trident Triple J Cigarette holder. Naturally coming from Chongz, the glass from which the Trident Triple J is made is of the highest quality, with three separate cigarette holders leading into a single mouthpiece.

No heavier than a decent-sized pipe at just 23 grams, without your cigarettes of course, this will be no bar and you can soon be on your way to a completely new smoking experience. Simply roll up your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into three cigarettes and soon you will be able to experience a hit that you are sure to remember for some time. Are you really brave enough to smoke three cigarettes at one go, are you sure? Well buy one at our offer price of £13.99, strike your match and fire up all three, go on, we just dare you to try.

Headchef ‘Heavy Metal’ 55mm 2-Part Grinder

Cooks and restaurant kitchen assistants will be all too familiar with the name Head Chef and the same can be said of those of us who like to relax with a water pipe smoking our own herbal mixture or favourite tobacco. Head Chef Grinders have proved over time that can grind your herb to exactly the fine requirement to suit you.

The latest Head Chef Grinder that we are offering is the Heavy Metal 55mm 2-part Grinder and we know that you will be delighted with the “Heavy Metal” construction, colours, but above all the razor-sharp diamond blade teeth which makes sure they cut and just make easy work of reducing your herb to a smoking proportion to suit the pipe, bong or rolling consistency of choice.

Head Chef has made the grinder with an alloy metal body, which will ensure that it has superior strength and longevity over similar products that are constructed in plastic; in fact, it is generally accepted ten times as long!  With the Head Chef Grinder being 55mm you will be able to fit a lot of herb into the body and this means a lot more herb a just one go!

Amongst its many attributes are versatility when it comes to storage and this is because the strong magnetic lid fits snugly on top of the grinder to ensure that no produce spills out while being used or stored, just turn it upside down and you will not spill any of your precious content.

We have a very limited stock of these grinders so check out our web pages now where you can select one in Black, Green, Orange or Purple; all at just £10.99. The Heavy Metal series is the brand new 2 piece grinder from Head Chef!

Glow In the Dark Gas Mask Bong

In these times of the Covid pandemic, we are now all aware that we are no obliged to wear a mask when we go shopping, on the underground or metro, buses and other forms of transport we are required to wear one. This is when we hit upon a rather novel idea, why not we thought conform with the regulations, but at the same time why could we not enjoy a cool satisfying smoke, but not perhaps where it is not permitted.

The Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong is made from food-safe, high-quality silicone and acrylic and when worn it will give an airtight seal around the face of the wearer, the 25cm bong accessory simply pushes into the mask, useful when cleaning is required; it can be used without the mask if preferred. The mask is provided with adjustable head straps and is sure to fit comfortably and securely around just about anyone’s head. With the secure fit when you light up you are guaranteed a big hit, there is no escaping! The bong can be used with or without water, and as the light fades, the Glow in the Dark Mask Bong will begin to glow, just the way you will be doing enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture.

This unique Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong measures approximately 19 cm x 17 cm. and although it may not be entirely suitable for grandma however, we imagine a lot of people will get some fun and also conform to the law when shopping in Sainsbury or Tesco.

We are now offering these at only £29.99 on our web pages, the mask is multi-coloured but we emphasise that colours can and do vary.

Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler

We really like this new addition to our extensive range of bongs, not just because it delivers a really cool smoke; it does that without question, but it, unlike some bongs and hookahs this one is quite decorative, in fact, it could be easily mistaken for a vase, particularly if it was filled with beautiful flowers.

Delightful as that may be, its real purpose is to provide a smooth clean smoke which is what it will do when you fill the base with water and then put your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into the bowl and before too long you are enjoying that relaxing smoke. Because as regular users will confirm, the classic water pipes are renowned for delivering a smoother, cooler and easier smoking experience.

Silicone has many advantages, with the Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler, if you, unfortunately, drop it; you find that it will bounce. The bounce Silicone Bubbler also is one of the easiest bongs to keep clean too, all you do is just simply split it into its two component parts and then wash them in a suitable detergent. There is yet another great reason why the Bounce Bubbler is a hit and that is because the cream option will glow in the dark.

We are now offering this at our web pages in a selection of exciting colours: The glow in the dark cream, toffee, united, camouflage, or green and white, all priced at just £16.99. So why delay, get yours today.