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Chongz Hairway to Steven Honeycomb Diffuser Bong

Yes it is a clever play on words, but The Chongz Hairway to Steven Honeycomb Diffuser Bong is a really new and exciting addition to our wide range of diffusers that can be seen at our web pages. Coming from Chongz it is, as expected, made entirely with the finest 5mm borosilicate glass.
A great feature of this bong is the beautiful honeycomb diffuser, this is not for show, this addition helps in the cooling and important filtration of the smoke which is does by producing tiny bubbles increasing the area to allow for the cooling of the smoke. Ice can be added to the bong through the ice twists which cools the smoke further by a huge amount.

The Chongz Diffuser Bong is now being offered by us in either a choice of Black or Green and it is sized at 11 cm (w) 33 cm (h) 12 cm (d) which we consider makes it an attractive piece to display too.

Each of the two options are being offered at our web pages for £44.99 and we can say that as Chongz has long been associated with high quality borosilicate glass products, this bong certainly lives up to the company’s high reputation and represent excellent value for money.

Glow In the Dark Gas Mask Bong

In these times of the Covid pandemic, we are now all aware that we are no obliged to wear a mask when we go shopping, on the underground or metro, buses and other forms of transport we are required to wear one. This is when we hit upon a rather novel idea, why not we thought conform with the regulations, but at the same time why could we not enjoy a cool satisfying smoke, but not perhaps where it is not permitted.

The Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong is made from food-safe, high-quality silicone and acrylic and when worn it will give an airtight seal around the face of the wearer, the 25cm bong accessory simply pushes into the mask, useful when cleaning is required; it can be used without the mask if preferred. The mask is provided with adjustable head straps and is sure to fit comfortably and securely around just about anyone’s head. With the secure fit when you light up you are guaranteed a big hit, there is no escaping! The bong can be used with or without water, and as the light fades, the Glow in the Dark Mask Bong will begin to glow, just the way you will be doing enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture.

This unique Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong measures approximately 19 cm x 17 cm. and although it may not be entirely suitable for grandma however, we imagine a lot of people will get some fun and also conform to the law when shopping in Sainsbury or Tesco.

We are now offering these at only £29.99 on our web pages, the mask is multi-coloured but we emphasise that colours can and do vary.

Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler

We really like this new addition to our extensive range of bongs, not just because it delivers a really cool smoke; it does that without question, but it, unlike some bongs and hookahs this one is quite decorative, in fact, it could be easily mistaken for a vase, particularly if it was filled with beautiful flowers.

Delightful as that may be, its real purpose is to provide a smooth clean smoke which is what it will do when you fill the base with water and then put your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into the bowl and before too long you are enjoying that relaxing smoke. Because as regular users will confirm, the classic water pipes are renowned for delivering a smoother, cooler and easier smoking experience.

Silicone has many advantages, with the Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler, if you, unfortunately, drop it; you find that it will bounce. The bounce Silicone Bubbler also is one of the easiest bongs to keep clean too, all you do is just simply split it into its two component parts and then wash them in a suitable detergent. There is yet another great reason why the Bounce Bubbler is a hit and that is because the cream option will glow in the dark.

We are now offering this at our web pages in a selection of exciting colours: The glow in the dark cream, toffee, united, camouflage, or green and white, all priced at just £16.99. So why delay, get yours today.

Round Smiley Ceramic Bong

In the modern era of the Smartphone, tablet and computer, no text message would be complete without a little Smiley at the end and with the latest addition to our comprehensive selections of bongs, what could be better than to have a cool satisfying smoke with the Round Smiley Bong? One thing for sure is that not only will you enjoy your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, you are sure to have a smile on your face both during and after smoking using this delightful bong.

Everything is here for your smoking pleasure; we include 10cm downpipe with a removable screw top bowl, a plastic Rasta coloured tube with mouthpiece and 2 rubber grommets to hold them securely in place to the main body. With these easy detachable components, cleaning the Smiley Bong is literally child’s play and you will be sure that cleaning and maintaining your bong, when the time comes, is quick and easy.

Easily transportable when you want to visit friends, the Smiley weighs in at only 287 grams, which is around 10 ounces in “old money” and small enough to slot into small bag. The price we are offering this “cheeky” bong is set at just £11.99, low enough to put a smile onto anyone’s face.

Squeezebox Travel Bong

For those who may not know, a “squeezebox” is an affectionate name for an instrument that was very popular pre WW2 and still is in the café culture of Paris; in other words correctly known as a piano accordion.

Well the “Squeezebox” which we offer will not play Parisian music, but it will give you a fantastic hit whenever you want. For the many that may have used one of our gravity bongs, they will be familiar with the functioning of the gravity bong and the “Squeezebox” operates in the same way.

All that is needed is some of your favourite herbal mixture, which is placed into the cone which you then light. Holding the “Squeezebox” at the top, allow the concertina tube to descend by its own weight until it is fully extended and then you are ready.

Simply draw the smoke from the tube and be ready for a massive hit in a matter of just one second, a real shotgun effect without you having to strain in any way at all. Who wants to listen to a Parisian Accordion when you can get a hit like that one anyway?

The “Squeezebox” is the latest addition to our store and web pages and is proving to be a big seller already, hardly surprising at the low cost if just £14.99, they are literally flying out of stock, get yours now, we are not sure when we will be able to replenish our diminishing stocks.

Basil Bush Liquid Filled Glass Pipe

At just £7.99 these attractive glass liquid-filled pipes come in four distinct colours, Blue, Green, Purple or Red. At this low price why not impress your friends by having two or more. But it is not just about the attractive look and colour of these pipes, ask any user and they will confirm that they really are a great smoke.

Of course, probably the first thing to strike anyone is the bright liquid which gives them their unique look, but this coloured liquid also holds the key to the cool smoke that you will experience when a fill of a favourite tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is enjoyed, it is the cooling effect of the liquid that is the secret.

To enjoy a really smooth cool smoke, put them in the frig for a while before use, you can also keep them stored in your frig when not in use, this way you are certain to keep them chilled for a refreshingly cool smoke. A word of caution here, do not freeze them as they will be permanently damaged.

So if you are looking for a new pipe, or are considering using one instead of cigarettes or vapes, can we suggest that the Liquid Filled Glass Pipe by Basil Bush might be just what you need to be seen as a trendy pipe user.

Atomic Glow in the Dark ‘Spider Web’ Glass Bong

The traditional water pipe, or bong, we know is over 2,400 years old and has always been a preferred way to enjoy our tobacco or herbal mixture. This is because the addition of water gives a much better, cooler smoke.

However, one thing that smokers did not have over 2,000 years ago; material which would glow in the dark. Naturally coming from Atomic we are ensured that the bong will be manufactured with strong and sturdy glass and will be engineered in fine detail, but it is the eye-catching Glow in the Dark spider web design, that is sure to be a talking point amongst friends.

The Atomic Glow in the Dark Spider Web Glass Bong measures up at 300mm tall, 155 in width and has a diameter of 140mm. But, it is the smoking properties that many will be looking for and we can say that this will always provide a cool satisfying smoke, thanks to the provision of notches down the neck of the bong, where it is possible to include ice. This will ensure that the user will always get cooler and fresher hits.

With an 11cm long 14mm female glass stem and a male 14mm glass handle bowl, the Atomic Glass Bong is easily separated to ensure easy cleaning, all that is required is for you to fill the bong with your favourite mixture, light up, draw the curtains and enjoy a cool smoke with an illuminated spider web!

Currently, our stocks of the Glow in the Dark Glass Bong are going quickly; secure yours at our web pages today for £32.99.

Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

There is, quite understandably, a healthy debate about the merits of acrylic bongs and those manufactured in glass. We do not wish to enter into the debate, as we believe that each has its merits and disadvantages.

One of the big advantages that our customers tell us is that a Bong such as the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is great when out and about, or visiting friends, lightweight and not easily damaged. However, there is another big plus to the Jelly Baby, with the current hot weather which we are experiencing; you can pack it with ice and water, for an extra cool smoke!

The clever design of the ice twist feature enables the user to fill the neck with ice, which in turn means that not only is the smoke cooled, but impurities are removed from the smoke, surely an added bonus. Being acrylic of course, ensures that when travelling or at home the bong will not easily break, to ensure that the bong is stable when standing on a table, the sturdy base will help to ensure that accidental spillages are prevented, plus the bubble can be filled with water which increases the cool and filtering effect.

The dimensions of the Ice Baby Bubble Bong are: 108mm (w) x 440mm (h) x 50mm (d) weighing in at 511g. We are offering this budget waterpipe Bong at £19.99 and although the colours are attractive, we would wish to point out that it is not possible to select a colour, as these vary.

Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child 21cm Glass Bong

We, like so many others that we know just love glass, particularly when it comes in the shape and functionality of a bong and none come much better than Chongz products; and one in particular, the Sue Perkins Love Child is one of the most exciting on the market, themost exciting some would argue.

Traditionally blown, this glass bong illustrates some of the more exciting pieces of glassware and without any doubt at all, if you are into collecting glass, then you must surely add this to your collection.

The Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child has been primarily designed for the use of herbs, but it can definitely work just as well as a dab rig, this can be easily achieved by the addition of a 14mm male banger and “hey presto” you are ready to indulge and to dab away!

With the large water chamber, you can be sure that the smoke will be cooled in order for a very smooth, as well as big hit.

The demand for this exciting addition in the Chongz range has meant that the stock we have is limited, we suggest that you get yours now before the stock of this 21cm Glass wonder dries up completely.

Bongstar Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug

This is a really brilliant way to start your day, a nice cup of tea and a hit all at the same time, thanks to the Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug by Bongstar!

Yes it’s true the picture does show a mug which is made from heat resistant ceramic, from which you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. But, more significantly it also allows you to enjoy a smoke thanks to the built-in stem with bowl and mouthpiece integrated into the handle of the mug; sip your beverage and take a draw of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture!

Currently the Bongstar Wake and Bake Ceramic Mug is offered at our web pages in four attractive colours; Black, Blue, Green or Yellow. At only £14.99 this unique mug come bong will make someone a perfect gift. Can we suggest that you get one for yourself, or a special friend whilst the beverage is still hot!