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Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder

We offer a huge selection of sifters and grinders at Shivaonline, items such as these are in everyday use by top chefs when they want herbs or spices ground down to specific sizes. The same applies to smokers of tobacco and herbal products; also to uses of tobacco snuff.

We list 136 of these products and unless you have a specific manufacturer in mind, it could be understandably confusing. However as with any product that we offer, we are more than happy to discuss your particular requirements or to answer any queries that you may have.

One of the all-time “go to favourite Companies” is Chongz who manufacturer a wide range of smoking related products. One of our big sellers is the Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder Pod. This precision engineered grinder is a stylish aluminium sifter grinder made up of seven parts all neatly held together though magnetism! The diamond shaped teeth make light work of the tobacco or herbs where even the toughest of these get shredded into finely cut pieces in a matter of seconds. The Chongz grinder has a fitted sifter screen which filters the herbs and stores that important potent part of the herb in the lower compartment

We are currently offering this  in either Black or Silver at our web pages for £39.99, this product sells really quickly, so we recommend that you place your order soon if you wish to be sure to be able to given this as a Christmas present, to either yourself, or to a friend.

Headchef ‘Heavy Metal’ 55mm 2-Part Grinder

Cooks and restaurant kitchen assistants will be all too familiar with the name Head Chef and the same can be said of those of us who like to relax with a water pipe smoking our own herbal mixture or favourite tobacco. Head Chef Grinders have proved over time that can grind your herb to exactly the fine requirement to suit you.

The latest Head Chef Grinder that we are offering is the Heavy Metal 55mm 2-part Grinder and we know that you will be delighted with the “Heavy Metal” construction, colours, but above all the razor-sharp diamond blade teeth which makes sure they cut and just make easy work of reducing your herb to a smoking proportion to suit the pipe, bong or rolling consistency of choice.

Head Chef has made the grinder with an alloy metal body, which will ensure that it has superior strength and longevity over similar products that are constructed in plastic; in fact, it is generally accepted ten times as long!  With the Head Chef Grinder being 55mm you will be able to fit a lot of herb into the body and this means a lot more herb a just one go!

Amongst its many attributes are versatility when it comes to storage and this is because the strong magnetic lid fits snugly on top of the grinder to ensure that no produce spills out while being used or stored, just turn it upside down and you will not spill any of your precious content.

We have a very limited stock of these grinders so check out our web pages now where you can select one in Black, Green, Orange or Purple; all at just £10.99. The Heavy Metal series is the brand new 2 piece grinder from Head Chef!

Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder Pod

We are really pleased at Shiva with the addition of the Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder to our comprehensive collection of grinders, or crushers as some prefer to call them, why, because for one thing they are manufactured to the highest standard by the much respected manufacturer of smoking and related products Chongz!

The grinder itself is made in seven separate parts, this alone makes the Chongz Grinder easy to keep clean and we know how important that is, particularly if we are going to use the grinder for culinary purposes in the kitchen.

Users will find that by using the Chongz 50mm Grinder life in the kitchen is so much easier and will save not just time but make the herbs and spices blend into the dish that is being prepared. They are also not just confined to use within the kitchen, but are great for grinding tobacco or herbal smoking products guaranteed to allow a smooth even burn; other uses can be for grinding coffee as just one example.

This beautifully constructed sifter grinder is in seven separate parts, measuring  92mm high, 52mm wide with a diameter of 50mm and is currently offered on our web pages for £39.99 with a choice  of either black or silver.

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

With more people aiming to stop smoking tobacco, the hunt has been on to find a substitute which will satisfy their needs and be free form nicotine too. For an increasing number of smokers, Real Leaf is the “real” thing. The company was established in 2012 and was aiming to find an alternative to the established tobacco brands. After years of much effort and research, many users now believe that Real Leaf has succeeded with the ultimate smoking product.

Real Leaf is now regarded as the global leader in the tobacco substitute manufacture and supply industry. Some of the very best tobacco free herbal brands, all lovingly handcrafted are produced by them. Users have spoken about the delicate flavour and the quite unique aroma of their products. These iconic nicotine and tobacco free herbal blend comprises 100% raspberry, marshmallow and mullein leaves, all designed to make your smoking cleaner and far more enjoyable.

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set is now in their portfolio and is perfect if anyone is looking an all-in-one solution for all their rolling needs, we can say that this certainly fits the bill. The set consists of an airtight glass container which comes full with a complimentary batch of Real Leaf Herbal Tobacco Blend. We offer this Real Leaf Rolling Box at only £11.99 and for this you will receive: 1 x Metal Rolling Tray1 x Airtight Glass Containe1 x King-size Organic Rolling Papers + Tips1 x Professional the grinder is offered in either white or black, all supplied in a smart display box.

We can confidentially say that we believe that this package is carefully crafted with love and inspiration and is available at our web pages for you to experience.

Add colour to your kitchen with the Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder

Add some colour into your kitchen with the Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder. Sifter grinders are the perfect choice for those who want to get the most out of their culinary herbs and this 4 stage grinder is no exception.

The Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder is made from metal and features an array of razor sharp teeth that can grind up your herbs in a matter of seconds. The 4 part design captures herbs at different stages from coarse to fine meaning that the most potent parts of the herbs are stored in the bottom for when you want a bit more kick to your cooking.

This grinder comes in a handy Atomic branded tin for safe keeping and also includes a small plastic scraper so that you can collect all of your grinded herbs. The Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder is available now for £21.99 and makes a colourful addition to any kitchen.

Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder on Keyring

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder Keyring is an air tight, smell proof and water resistant herb grinder which is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder can grind your herbs in a matter of seconds by just using your hands; placing the grinder between your fingers and rolling it back and forth effortlessly grinds your herbs into more manageable pieces ready for use.

Made from durable silicone, this grinder is almost unbreakable and is water resistant, keeping your herbs safe until you need them. The non-stick silicone teeth makes it easy to get all of your herbs out and is really easy to clean, making it a great travelling companion.

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder Keyring is available in a range of colours including black, blue, green and yellow and at just £7.99 is a cost effective grinder for when you are on the move.

Silicon Covered Aluminium 63mm Sifter Grinder

These colourful silicone covered sifter grinders, work wonders on dried herbs, tobacco products and other dried plant materials, if you are feeling generous, and they would also make a fantastic gift. The silicone covered aluminium sifter grinders, will are not just stylish and colourful, they make light work of shredding and fluffing herbs to a perfect fine consistency, also the precise holes ensure only herbs ground to the correct size pass through.

Thanks to their razor sharp teeth grinding your kitchen herbs or tobacco products is effortless, and the silicone cover ensures that nothing escapes avoiding waste. Herbs gather in the middle chamber while fine pollen filters through a mesh screen and collects in the bottom compartment.

Experience tells us that with some grinders you lose some of your tobacco or herbal blend if it becomes too finely ground, with the Silicon Covered Aluminium 63mm Sifter Grinder you can be certain that the herbs will be just as you like them.

We are offering these sifter grinders in five attractive colours; Black, Green, Blue, Yellow or Pink, all priced at just £19.99.

CheekyOne – Bud Buddy 2

Very much the essential to any well run kitchen is a supply of freshly ground herbs and spices, this is when a good grinder becomes an essential tool.  You don’t just have to use grinders in the kitchen, with herbs, they are also useful for grinding tobacco, for thick and woody rolling tobacco, and they do a great job.

We offer a huge selection of grinders at our website, but we like the look of the Bud Buddy2 from CheekyOne and we have to proclaim that this is a neat and very effective grinder, thanks to the super sharp teeth and a thoughtful textured grip. We found that the original Bud Buddy design was good, but with this latest version the steel pins of the Bud Buddy Original have been replaced with sharp edged teeth, to make grinding your culinary herbs and spices even easier. The BudBuddy2 is easily portable and compact, but do not be fooled by the size; these super sharp teeth will literally shred any herb or spice placed between them. The result, your ground mixture will fall down and the extra steel mesh will only allow the tiniest and most important part of the herb to fall through.

This grinder is suitable for most culinary herbs and spices, pepper corns and cinnamon for example, also tobacco and herbal mixtures, with the central magnets, the lid will not come “flying” off and sit safely on the top, completely functional and super stylish – the Bud Buddy 2 will be the best buddy you can buy.

Use a little vegetable oil to keep the sealing ring lubricated and we recommend that it is kept pristine and untainted by using our Number 1 Grinder Cleaner.

Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder

Before we can enjoy a cool smoke in our Chillum, Pipe or Bong, we have to get down to the serious business of preparing our favourite herbs. How this is done is often down to personal preferences, but aficionadas of the water pipe prefer to separate the most potent part of the herbs, or resin to get the best from the smoke.

We offer many grinders, a number of these have a collection department or filter to make the separation easier. A recent addition to our collection is the Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder which features super sharp teeth grind up your ingredients in seconds making your herbs more manageable. The mesh or sifter then filters all the most potent part of your herbs into the bottom compartment where you can use them or even save them up for a rainy day or mix in as you please.

These grinders are offered in eight funky colours, Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Light Blue and Grey. We recommend use of our grinder cleaner with this item so that it will continue to provide the best of herbal mixture, for your smoking pleasure. Your choice in any selected colour for only £17.99.

Headchef Medi Pod Grinder

Getting your herbs, spices or tobacco to just the right consistency is what most of us will be looking for when we want to conjure up that culinary delight, or enjoy the very best cool smoke with our bong or “ roll up”. But, getting it “just right” is not always easy, unless of course, you have a Head Chef Medi-Pod grinder.

We all now know that grinders do make life so much easier for the budding chef or at home cook, but naturally they need not be just confined for kitchen us, they can be used for grinding tobacco into the consistency that is just right for rolling, your pipe or cool bong.

This could present a problem if you are “out and about” but, not with the Medi-Pod grinder which provides a neat little storage and grinding solution, perfect for anybody looking for a compact solution to take out and about with them. Your freshly ground tobacco will not become tainted either, the Medi-Pod has an air tight storage container along with the grinder and milling bowl.

Now in order to ensure that the herbs, spices or tobacco are always in tip top condition, just like your kitchen surface or bong, keeping it clean is a must. Cleaning can of course be a bit of a “turn off” but, with the help of our No. 1 Grinder Cleaner, which comes in a handy 50ml spray bottle, all that you need to do is simply spray a little of the cleaner onto your grinder, wait a few moments while it does its stuff and simply rinse and dry to clean it off.

We are currently offering this Pod Grinder for just £4.99 and it is available in Black, White, Purple, Red, and Green.