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Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder

We offer a huge selection of sifters and grinders at Shivaonline, items such as these are in everyday use by top chefs when they want herbs or spices ground down to specific sizes. The same applies to smokers of tobacco and herbal products; also to uses of tobacco snuff. We list 136 of these products […]

Headchef ‘Heavy Metal’ 55mm 2-Part Grinder

Cooks and restaurant kitchen assistants will be all too familiar with the name Head Chef and the same can be said of those of us who like to relax with a water pipe smoking our own herbal mixture or favourite tobacco. Head Chef Grinders have proved over time that can grind your herb to exactly […]

Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder Pod

We are really pleased at Shiva with the addition of the Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder to our comprehensive collection of grinders, or crushers as some prefer to call them, why, because for one thing they are manufactured to the highest standard by the much respected manufacturer of smoking and related products Chongz! The grinder itself […]

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

With more people aiming to stop smoking tobacco, the hunt has been on to find a substitute which will satisfy their needs and be free form nicotine too. For an increasing number of smokers, Real Leaf is the “real” thing. The company was established in 2012 and was aiming to find an alternative to the […]

Add colour to your kitchen with the Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder

Add some colour into your kitchen with the Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder. Sifter grinders are the perfect choice for those who want to get the most out of their culinary herbs and this 4 stage grinder is no exception. The Atomic Rainbow Sifter Grinder is made from metal and features an array of razor sharp […]

Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder on Keyring

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder Keyring is an air tight, smell proof and water resistant herb grinder which is small enough to take with you wherever you go. The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder can grind your herbs in a matter of seconds by just using your hands; placing the grinder between your fingers and rolling […]

Silicon Covered Aluminium 63mm Sifter Grinder

These colourful silicone covered sifter grinders, work wonders on dried herbs, tobacco products and other dried plant materials, if you are feeling generous, and they would also make a fantastic gift. The silicone covered aluminium sifter grinders, will are not just stylish and colourful, they make light work of shredding and fluffing herbs to a […]

CheekyOne – Bud Buddy 2

Very much the essential to any well run kitchen is a supply of freshly ground herbs and spices, this is when a good grinder becomes an essential tool.  You don’t just have to use grinders in the kitchen, with herbs, they are also useful for grinding tobacco, for thick and woody rolling tobacco, and they […]

Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder

Before we can enjoy a cool smoke in our Chillum, Pipe or Bong, we have to get down to the serious business of preparing our favourite herbs. How this is done is often down to personal preferences, but aficionadas of the water pipe prefer to separate the most potent part of the herbs, or resin […]

Headchef Medi Pod Grinder

Getting your herbs, spices or tobacco to just the right consistency is what most of us will be looking for when we want to conjure up that culinary delight, or enjoy the very best cool smoke with our bong or “ roll up”. But, getting it “just right” is not always easy, unless of course, […]