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Doing Shisha Pipe the Right Way

New to shisha pipe smoking? Seasoned expert? Have questions?  Worry not. We at Shiva have you covered! There is a myriad of hookah pipes, accessories, shisha tobacco flavours and sizes to choose from. Not only that, you’ve probably got a host of questions about how to get the best out of your shisha pipe, such […]

Shisha Travel Kit

With the situation as it is, not many of us will be travelling too far it would seem, just as long as the Covid19 virus is still active. However we all must stay safe and look on the bright side when we hope that by summer time we will be able to get out to […]

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

We are aware that E-cigarettes and safer than normal tobacco cigarettes, we are reminded on a daily basis in various media outlets, but what may have been missed is Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, although we may have to wait until the general […]

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

For a great many of us the Hookah or Shisha pipe is a great way to enjoy our favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product, and whilst the beginnings of this favourite have become lost in time, many believe that it was invented in 16th century mediaeval India. We know of course, that many people of […]

Mini Espresso 26cm Shisha Pipe

We like this shisha pipe and from feedback that we get, you like it too, whether it is the cool coffee coloured metal and cut faux-glass, the ornate metal work, or simply the fact that it does just what you want, gives a cool satisfying hit when you come home from a hard day’s work […]

The Mirage 67cm Shisha Pipe

There are many theories about how the shisha pipe, or hookah, as some prefer to call it, originated was it India, Persia or Egypt, there are many claims, but we know it grew in popularity, there is no denying that it has. Any number of examples of traditional hookah can be seen, some made from […]

Skull Candy Shisha Pipe

This delightful Skull Candy shisha pipe can not only give a cool and satisfying smoke, but it can also be a funky decoration sitting on a sideboard or display cabinet. Perfectly decorated and in a range of colours, complete with a gorgeous sugar skull design on the ceramic base. Standing only 25cm tall, this hookah […]

Avalanche Shisha Pipe

This shisha is an ideal way to start if you are new to the pleasure of smoking herbs or molasses, all the smoke is neatly filtered through water and so you are able to enjoy the flavours without the harmful tar reaching your mouth. Once you have lit the pipe, the smoke travel from the […]

Relax with the Hareem Shisha Pipe

This Hareem Shisha pipe is the latest addition to our range of these smoking devices and is a great personal pipe that can be enjoyed, by just yourself or with others. Standing 430mm tall the Hareem Shisha is guaranteed to produce a cool clean smoke and produce clouds of very flavoursome smoke as well. The […]