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Dynavap The “M” 2020 Edition

You may have been vaping for some time and are used to the convenience and pleasure, but now could you be looking for a vaporizer with that bit more panache? Recently added to our extensive range of vaping items that can be found on our web pages, DynavapThe “M” 2020 edition is certain to give you the hit that suits you.

This is because it now features a clever method of allowing you to control the air flow and it works by adjusting form closed when you will experience a thicker steam, but opening up the flow of ait means that will provide a softer steam.

Like its predecessor the “M” 2020 is constructed from medical grade stainless steel, features a faceted tip with airflow serrations, but unlike some others does not need a battery, which of course can run out of power just when you need a smoke! Any external heat source such as a cigarette lighter will ensure that it will deliver the hits.

We believe that the “M” is the very first vaporizer that can be heated up in less than a few seconds using a cigarette lighter, or any other flame such as candle, or even that little glowing ember as you sit around a campfire. Simple to use just load a tiny amount of ground herbs into the Dynavap “M” tip heat up until you hear the distinctive click, and then you are on your way to inhaling full flavoured smoking.

This is a very affordable and fantastic vaporizer offered by us at £79.99, why not add to your wish list or buy now whilst still in stock.

Which Vape pen should I choose?

If you are venturing into the world of Vaping, then you will be amongst the many who may have decided to quit smoking cigarettes and go down the acknowledged safer route of using a vape pen or pipe, choosing the right one for you can be easier than you may have imagined.
There may be financial considerations when choosing your first vape pen, and as it is possibly the first time that you have used one then perhaps it is wise to choose a budget pen before moving on to something more sophisticated as there is a lot to consider.
It can be quite confusing understanding all the items associated with vaping. For example there is the resistance of the heating coil, 0.3ohm & 1.0ohm coils, atomiser as well as clearomisers and that is before you have to consider the increasing array of liquids, flavours and the strength of the nicotine, should you decide to continue to gradually wean yourself away from nicotine.

Unlike the ever-increasing cost of cigarette smoking, vaping can be much more affordable than perhaps you imagined or have been told. We have a wide selection of pens to get you started; branded and reliable vape pens from brands such as GrenCo, this company produces the Gumball 3000 hookah pen which is a really good starter pen with an excellent battery like and a big tank for your e-liquids and is manufactured by the world-famous GrenCo company; they also make a huge range of liquids and smoking accessories.
Hard though it may seem to users of the Atmos Optimus, the Atmos Optimus V2 is an improved version of the original, with a bigger tank, a better battery life, no more running out of battery in the middle of the day.

Once you have enjoyed the delights of vaping and using one of the two mentioned pens, it could be time to upgrade to something different and we can guide you down this road. For example, KangerTech is well-known market leaders right from the very start of vaping using pens many years ago. We will be happy to discuss the many options available and as always Shiva will be here to offer advice and of course quality vaping products.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is the most awarded and flavourful wax vape pen ever and if it is possible it has now be improved even further. How do you improve on near perfection, well the Valencia Los Angeles company appears to have the secret; the Puffco Plus continues with the successful cutting edge ceramic atomiser, which is completely unlike anything else on the market. The secret is the high-quality ceramic nail which becomes evenly heated producing potent and thick and very tasty vapour.

The three temperature settings are adjusted to allow you to choose whichever you prefer at the time, these vary from a light flavourful hit to a thick smoke; one example is that this could be a sesh mode, designed to give an experience normally found in a dab experience.  The cleverly constructed mouthpiece, which it has within it a ceramic dart, and it is this that makes the loading of the Puffco Plus simplicity in itself. There is also a splash guard that will enable the atomiser to efficiently retain the important oil.

We believe that the Puffco Plus is a great vaporizing tool, not just super sleek, but a very efficient and satisfying way to enjoy your favourite essential oils. Currently, we are offering this at 10% off the original price of £104.99, take advantage of the offer price of just £94.99 whilst stocks last for this most awarded vaping ceramic atomiser.

SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit

If you are searching for a portable Vaporizing kit that is a sleek and discrete design, one also that is regarded as perhaps one of the best, and in many peoples estimation the best all in one pod system, well here at the Shiva web pages you will find the SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit, that will completely fit the bill!

Using the all in one vaping pod is simplicity in itself; using a refillable pod cartridge system, holding 2ml of e-liquid, and can be easily refilled anytime, anywhere. THE SMOK Fit portable vaporizer has a combined mouthpiece, e juice reservoir and heater coil all within the crafted body, which is modelled on a memory stick, it could be mistaken for one actually!

SMOK Fit has a useful internal battery of 250mAh, easily recharged through a Micro USB port located at the bottom of the pod. As the name suggests it is easily portable, weighing in at just 20g, small but powerful, the SMOK FIT measures up at 18.4 x 8 x 107.5mm, plus there is plenty of power to get through just about any vaping session.

We are offering these on our website at £19.99 in a choice of either blue or red and require only you to insert the FIT pod and you’re ready to start vaping. We include the device itself, 2 pods, the USB cable for charging and an E-liquid Injection Bottle. The SMOK FIT was built for easy vaping.

Vape your herbs in style with the Dynavap M Shadow

Amongst the many vaporizers which we supply, we think that you may like the Dynavap M Shadow, not only does it look the part it functions quite differently to most, if not all that we know.

The first thing to say about the Dynavap M Shadow is that it is made from 100% medical grade stainless steel it is also the size of a normal cigarette! Another very unique feature is the fact that it does not require the use of batteries to heat up the herbs; you can do this using any source of external heat, a lighter, a candle, even a burning ember from the campfire.

It is surprisingly easy to know when the correct heat is reached, a bimetal thermostat inside makes an audible click to let you know it’s time to begin to enjoy a perfect vape. So whether you are an accomplished vaper or a raw beginner, you will get it correct, even on your first try.

We suggest that at first you start further out towards the tip, this gives lower temperatures adjusting as you get more comfortable, practice makes perfect and we are sure that you will not need too much practice to get it just right for you. The Dynavap M Shadow powered by practically any external heat source delivers powerful and tasty hits from tiny amounts of herbs, instantly!

Offered by us at our web pages for £64.99 including free postage, we believe that this is an extremely discreet, affordable vaporiser that offers fantastic function. With the clever built in temperature indicator this ensures that you can make sure you never combust your herbs! Perfect for those looking to stay clear from smoke!

Choose the Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer for the best vaping experience

You will love this compact and very effective portable vaporizer, precisely engineered in Germany to give, what is regarded by many as the best experience from a portable herb vaporizer.

One of the first “plus” points is the battery life, which will give the smoker about 90 minutes of continuous use before it will require a recharge. This means that taking the Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer out for the day will enable the user not to be concerned about running out of power.

Ease of use is another feature which users liked; there is no need for lengthy sessions to get used to using the Arc. Simply take of the mouthpiece, load up the chamber with your favourite herbal mixture and choose the heat you prefer, heating time is normally about a minute and a half, then enjoy your smoke.

From what users are telling us in the feedback we receive, is that Zeus have taken their game to the next level, often users prefer the Arc to higher priced units! The design is classy too; having a matte black finish and smooth curves, it looks the “part” and the device is not at all heavy at just a shade under 560 grams, all together a sleek classy look as well as being an innovative, compact, high-performance dry herb portable vaporizer.

Offered by us at £206.99 why not add this vaporizer to your collection. We Supply the Zeus Arc with a USB Charging Cable, a User Manual, a neat packing tool and the necessary cleaning supplies.

Sapphire Vaporizer by Storm

One of the first things that strike you when seeing the Sapphire Vaporizer is the eye catching design, clean lines with black metal surface the Sapphire oozes style. Ideally suited to those new to vaping, it cuts out all the unnecessary gimmicks just what is required, the very basics.

The Sapphire has been so well-designed in the set-up needed, it will allow users to expand and increase the functions simply and easily. With the easy one-button operation, this allows the user to choose from five temperature settings between 180C and 220C, heating up in under a minute.

With a magnetic mouthpiece cap ensures that this is securely held in place and the attached swivel mouthpiece which also cleverly extracts heat from the vapour before inhaling into your lungs and so, thanks to its ceramic zirconia construction, the result is a cool smoking experience.

It could not be easier to use, all that is required is that you simply lift the cap and fill to the brim with your choice of loosely ground herbs and thanks to a built-in high quality Samsung battery, the Sapphire has up to 80 minutes vaping time and is chargeable via most USB power-banks.

Most users will normally use the Sapphire with dry herbs, others may prefer concentrates and resins, and we do offer a resin capsule which is sold separately; for use with concentrates the Sapphire is supplied with a set of concentrate pads for use with full-melt extracts such as waxes.

We are offering this flexible Sapphire vaporizer at £55.00 and it is complete with the Sapphire, 2 x Concentrate Pads, 1 pair tweezers, a cleaning brush and stirring tool. Screen set and a spare mouthpiece, plus the all-important user manual, all it needs is you and some of your favourite herbs.

SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit

What we can say is that Smoktech is one of the oldest and most progressive companies in vaping, and when it comes to innovative vaping devices, they have to be amongst one of the best.

Let us look at one of the latest devices the SMOK FIT Ultra-Portable Kit, this clever device is pushing to be one of the most robust all-in-one pod systems. It is more than easy to use and is classed as a”breeze”! The design utilises a refillable pod design, this eliminates carry bottles of ejuice, thanks to the simple refillable pod system, you can fill a few cartridges and bring them along with your SMOK Fit to change, just bring along flavours of choice.

For use at home many of us have a primary or larger vaping device, but the SMOK FIT is very portable, has a long battery life and is perfect for those out and about. The device uses a 250mAh internal battery and refillable 2mL pod cartridges. The SMOK FIT is a compact handheld vape with an elongated rectangular prism design, very much in contrast to the larger somewhat clunky vaper that can be seen around.

Easily researchable through a standard USB, now seen around in increasing number everywhere, many of our vapers tell us they carry a small back up charging battery. We can definitely agree that the SMOK FIT was built for easy vaping, pop in the cartridge pod and you are ready to vape.

Choose from blue, red or gunmetal and at our offer price of just £19.99, you are on your way to some hi tech vaping. We include in the box: 1x SMOK FIT Device, 2x SMOK FIT Pods, USB Cable, and a user manual.

Airistech E-Paradise V2.0 3-in-1 Portable Vaporizer

Getting more out of your vaporizer has never been easier with the E-Paradise 3-in-1 Portable Vaporizer by Airistech. Great for those who are new to vaporizing or those looking for something more substantial, the E-Paradise 3-in-1 Vaporizer allow you to vape, herbs, wax concentrates and oils without having to purchase additional add-ons.

The Airistech E-Paradise V2.0 3-in-1 Portable Vaporizer comes in a handy acrylic gift box for easy storage when not in use and comes with everything needed to get started, just add you favourite herbs, wax or oil. Available now for just £39.99, the E-Paradise 3-in-1 Vaporizer is a great way of getting started in the world of vaporizing.

This impressive budles includes:

  • E-Paradise Vaporizer Pen
  • Micro-USB Battery
  • Glass Globe Wax Atomizer
  • Dry Herb Atomizer
  • Oil Atomizer
  • Dab Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Charger
  • Acrylic Gift Box
  • User Manual

Take you vaping to the next level with the Puffco Plus Vaporizer

Here at Shiva Online we pride ourselves on stocking the best products for our customers, and when we heard about a new and improved version of the award winning Puffco vaporizer we knew we had to have it.

The Puffco Plus features a sealed conduction chamber which produces a steady and consistent vapour, all housed in a slim line and discreet housing. This vaporizer also features a specially designed ceramic atomiser and is completely coil free providing even heat for the perfect vapour.

The Puffco Plus’s mouthpiece also houses a ceramic dart, specially designed to making loading a breeze and acts as a splash guard to ensure the atomiser efficiently retains oil. With 3 temperature settings, the Puffco Plus allows users to choose their preferred balance of flavour and vapour.

The Puffco Plus is available now for £94.99 and comes complete with a spare chamber, USB charger and cleaning swabs.