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Joint vs Blunt – The Ultimate Guide

Blunts vs Joints, what’s the difference and what do you need to know about each one of them? In this article, we are going to take a look at the ins and outs of blunts vs joints and help you find the perfect choice for you. In addition to giving you the breakdowns you need to understand the lingo better, we are also goings to take a look at some of the specific products and categories and how they can enhance your experience.

What are joint and blunt? And whats the difference?

Even if you’re new to smoking, likely, you’ve probably heard both of these phrases before, let’s look at the difference between the two.
The paper is the main difference. Blunts tend to be rolled using tobacco paper, which is usually brown and quite thick. A joint uses a thinner rolling paper that is generally made from non-wood fibres and is a lot thinner.  Joints also tend to use a filter, so you can smoke it right down to the end without burning yourself. Blunts, on the other hand, do not usually have a filter, so keep an eye on your fingertips!

Are blunts or joints more wasteful?

In this day and age, we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so this all depends on what you’re wanting to get from your cannabis and how strong you want your smoke to be.
Blunt paper is a lot bigger, therefore you can add a lot more cannabis into this; when compared to its counterpart. Typically, a blunt can hold the amount of cannabis required for 4-6 joints, depending on how big you roll them. If you’re looking at saving paper – blunts are the way to go. Remember to take into consideration that blunt papers are made from tobacco, so look out for tobacco-free blunt papers if you’re wanting to steer clear of the nicotine buzz. It is also worth mentioning that there are some fantastically sustainable joint papers available on the market such as the King Palm Oil Organic Pre-Rolled Leaf which are made mainly from palm leaf rolls and with corn husk filters meaning they can be produced without cutting down trees!








Are joints easier to roll than blunts?

Rolling papers come with a lot fewer complications than blunt papers do as there are not as many factors to pay attention to. Rolling papers have a longer lifespan too, whereas, with blunt papers, you need to make sure your paper is fresh. If they’re exposed to nature for too long, they can get dry or mouldy. You can also run into issues when removing cigar tobacco to replace with cannabis. If you tear the wrap or it gets accidentally perforated – it becomes near impossible to smoke.

Blunts vs joints pros and cons?

This all comes down to personal preference. Blunts burn a lot slower, therefore, prolonging your smoking experience, this makes them ideal for larger groups as you’ve got more to ‘puff puff pass around’, but they also require more cannabis. Joints burn quicker due to the paper, so they tend to be an ideal option for smoking solo or in a small group, as they are smaller in size and can’t hold as much cannabis.

Is a spliff a joint or blunt?

Spliff’s are slightly different to blunts and joints, purely because they also contain tobacco. A spliff is rolled with regular rolling papers but instead of it containing pure cannabis; there is a mixture of both cannabis and tobacco within the wrap. By doing this you’re adding in a nicotine buzz as well as slightly masking the smell too. You can also add tobacco into a blunt or a joint – it’s more down to personal choice.

Why do people call joints, blunts?

There can be a lot of confusion around the correct terminology to match the wrap. The reason for the confusion between joints and blunts is purely down to branding and slang from cities such as New York and Philadelphia, to name a few. Blunts get their name from Phillies blunt brand cigars, although you can use any brand or type of cigar paper. Depending on where you are in the world, the meaning of a joint and a spliff can be reversed, so the confusion will likely forever continue.

Whats a doobie? And what are Backwoods/Swisher blunts?

There are lots of different slang words for cigarettes containing marijuana, it just depends on your location. You may have heard the word ‘doobie’ in this context. A doobie is just another slang word referring to a joint. Backwoods and Swishers are the same as a regular blunt, the reason for the name refers to the brand of cigars used to roll the blunt, that being Backwoods Cigars and Swisher Sweet Cigars, both of which come in a large variety of flavours ranging from Honey all way down to Russian Cream! You’ll still get a dose of nicotine, too as they’re still made from tobacco leaves.








Just like with a regular blunt, these can dry out! So, keep your blunts stored in optimal conditions. Considering a pack of 5 cigars range from £15-20, it can be a costly mistake! Due to these cigars being imported, you’ll have a hard time buying them in singles. A pack of 5 is the minimum quantity you’ll most likely be able to get your hands on. You may also have a hard time finding some of the less popular flavours. Blunt papers are also an option if you want to save time unrolling and rerolling cigar papers. Blunt papers also come in wide varieties of flavours, depending on the brand.

Are hemp wraps healthier than blunts?

If you aren’t a tobacco smoker, it can be understandable that blunts may be off-putting due to the usage of the tobacco leaf. You may also be wanting to avoid the nicotine rush that comes with blunt papers. If that’s the case, then maybe hemp is for you. Hemp wraps are a lot harder to roll in comparison to blunts, so you may be spending a bit more time on your first few tries when using this type of paper. Hemp wraps also don’t always come with the glue strip like tobacco leaf blunts, so you may find it a bit more difficult to seal. A small price to pay if you want to stay away from tobacco and some fantastic products to choose from such as Jay’s Terpene Enhanced Hemp Blunt Wraps.

Are pre rolls joints or blunts?

A pre roll refers to either a joint, blunt or spliff that has been rolled in advance; so, you don’t have to spend time preparing the wrap before smoking. Pre rolls can be purchased either filled with marijuana and ready to smoke, or an empty casing ready for you to pack yourself. Both of which are purely intended to save you time and get you high quicker. Brands like Futurola offer pre rolled cones ready to pack. These wraps are also tobacco and nicotine-free, so a nice alternative to hemp if you’re still wanting the feel of a blunt. Their papers are refined without any chemical additives as well as using organic Arabic gum and FSC certified paper tips.

What does terpene mean?

As time has passed; different strains of marijuana have emerged and we have lots of different names referring to different strains of weed. We also have a huge variety of smoking apparatus in comparison to years ago. Terpene infused wraps are now increasing in popularity too.  Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in plants that give them their distinct smell, this is why we have characteristic scents for many different varieties of plants and why cannabis has such a potent smell.
You can buy a wide variety of terpene infused rolling papers; Futurola teamed up with Mike Tysons brand, Tyson Ranch, to bring us the Toad Terpene Blunt Wrap. The unusual name derives from Tyson’s favourite cannabis strain – The Toad. This is a strain that was derived from two different strains, those being chemdawg og and girl scout cookies.









Does CBD Isolate contain terpenes?

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil, has become increasingly popular in recent years and with that, comes many different varieties. CBD can contain small traces of the compound THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol – this is the compound that gets you high. CBD has been used for many reasons; it can be used to reduce anxiety, relieve unmanageable pain, reduce PTSD symptoms, the list goes on. CBD Isolate is one of the cheapest entries into trying out these oils, although as suggested in the name – this is the isolated compound. CBD isolate is made by pulling CBD from the plant and removing everything else. It doesn’t contain any THC so it won’t get you high, it also lacks the beneficial terpenes to provide unique tastes and smells.

With the everchanging laws and overall acceptance of marijuana becoming more of the norm, expect to see a lot more variation in types of weed and smoking accessories to hit the shelves soon, as well as an influx of new slang to go along with it.

Final Thoughts

At Shiva we like to think we know our industry pretty well, we always work hard to help our customers make an informed and beneficial decision. This article only scratches the surface in terms of the terminology and lingo used around cannabis but we hope that it has been beneficial for you. If you have any questions about the things we discussed in this article or would like to know more about our products and information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Only Volcano Vaporizer Resource You Will Ever Need

The Volcano Vaporizer is known across the globe and is the go-to Vaporizer of choice for anyone looking for a stationary or desktop device for use at home. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic piece of kit. 

Is the Volcano Vaporizer worth it?

Vapourizer brands and manufacturers are always looking to innovate by adding new features or tweaking their designs. However, for many years since it’s the Volcano Vaporizer has become known as the classic Volcano, the benchmark that all other vaporizers aspire to. 

But don’t just take our word for it. The Volcano Vaporizer is still widely recognized by critics and experts in their Vaporizer reviews as one of the most technically advanced on the market. It is also easy to use and insanely durable! Definitely, a timeless investment piece that is equally appealing to the newbie or the more experienced vaper! 

is the volcano vaporizer worth it

The Volcano vaporizer now comes with a full 3 years’ guarantee.

How long does a Volcano vaporizer last?

The Volcano classic Vapourizer uses German engineering and is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. It is built to last you for many years to come, meaning you can look forward to many enjoyable years vaping! 

We are so confident that you will love your Volcano Vaporizer that we offer a full three-year guarantee. 

Is the Volcano still the best Vaporizer?

There are plenty of quality vaporizers on the market. A quick Google or Amazon search will reveal many options, from cheaper versions made from lower grade materials to the more expensive, investment pieces. 

However, the Volcano Vaporizer offers a unique technology that is now patented. The valve takes the aromatic air and transfers it into a balloon. This air is then separated from the device and inhaled. In terms of functionality, you won’t find it better on the market. 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano HYBRID vaporizer is the third-generation version of Storz & Bickel’s seminal desktop vaporizer.



Which Vaporizer is the healthiest?

When you vape, you inhale steam – or vapour – rather than the tar and other unhealthy byproducts that are present when you smoke. 

If you’re health-conscious – and let’s face it, who isn’t nowadays – vaping is going to be a better option as it’s better for your lungs when compared with smoking.  

The Volcano vaporizer is not harmful to anyone in the same room as you, and you can be assured that any damaging effects are also minimal to you, the user. 

Does a volcano vaporizer smell?

We are always being asked this question! And the short answer is that you will be much more discreet in terms of smell with any vaporizer you buy than smoking. This is because vaporizers don’t actually produce smoke! They create – wait for it – VAPOR! It’s a small but hugely significant difference. 

As a general rule, you can be assured that the smell produced by vaping is – on average – only 20% of the scent produced by smoking

As the world becomes more health-conscious, many people who vape are aware of the impact of their smoke on those around them. We understand that the last thing you want is for everyone around you to be bothered by the smell of your Vaporizer.

How long can you leave a volcano Vaporizer on?

The great news is that you can leave your Volcano Vaporizer on for long periods without having to worry. This is because when you heat up your Volcano, the internal parts come to a stable temperature that remains that way. What’s more, the Vaporizer is naturally cooled by the air that is circulating around. 

The key to ensuring no issues or damage is to sit your Volcano on a hard surface. You’ll want to make sure that the cooling vents are clear or not covered. If all of this is in place, then you can leave your Volcano on indefinitely. However, please don’t leave it unattended and be sure to turn it off if you leave the room for a period or leave the house. 

Which company Vaporizer is best?

Storz and Bickel are some of the most widely known vaporizer companies in the world. They are renowned for their iconic Volcano, which offers the perfect blend of functionality and features, retro design and world-class German engineering.

Which company Vaporizer is best storz and bickel

This lightweight, handheld unit is both powerful and robust in its design ensuring that you get what you pay for.

How much is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer costs £289.99. It is currently on sale, with £9 off. Volcano Vaporizers can cost anywhere between £50 and £500, depending upon the features you are looking for, and the accessories you choose, meaning the Classic Volcano Vaporizer is a great mid-range price for a high-quality piece of kit. 

Is the PAX 3 a good Vaporizer?

The PAX 3 has now been on the market for many years and remains one of – if not the – most reliable portable vaporizers out there. 

The reason for this is the quick heat-up time, as well as the options to tailor your sessions using the Smartphone App. 

And, with its long battery life, it’s literally the perfect everyday vape! 

Pax 3 Vaporizer

One of the new features of the Pax 3 is its compatibility with both loose leaf herbs and oily concentrates with the addition of a new concentrate insert.

How long can you use a Volcano bag? 

This is going to depend on how often you use your Volcano. However, it’s probably a safe bet to say every two weeks is about right for the average user. If you’re a light user, you could go to a month and if you’re a heavy user, then use a fresh one every week. Try this out as a general guide but just amend it according to your personal preference and changing usage levels. 

Vape Shapes Vaporizer Bags

Made from the highest quality materials, the huge leaf bag will make your Vaporizer stand out among the rest.

How to clean your Volcano?

This really depends on your personal preference and, of course, the frequency with which you use your Volcano. It’s also worth noting that not all of the parts of your Volcano will need cleaning at the same time. Some need a regular top-up, whereas others can be left for up to a month. It’s worth keeping an eye on this and scheduling your clean up regime accordingly. 

Cleaning is not only vital for a good vaporizing experience; it’s essential to ensure that your parts maintain their longevity and don’t need replacing unnecessarily. 

Here is a general rule of thumb for the average user. 

Around once a week, it’s vital that you clean out the top screen of the filling chamber. If this is left any longer, you will notice it harms your herbal extraction. 

About every fortnight, you need to take a look at the solid valve. If you leave this any longer you’ll start to notice that it requires much more effort to get a decent hit. Give it a good clean and be sure to replace the bag every two weeks. 

Around every three to four weeks, you will want to check and remove the bottom of the filling chamber. 

Be sure to clean each area thoroughly and then allow everything to air dry completely before re-assembling. 

Some vapers also like to take their vacuum cleaner and vacuum the screen where the air comes out of the base. This can really help to clear out any fine dust and particles that are ordinarily hard to reach. 

What are the benefits of using a vaporizer?

We’ve already mentioned the health risks associated with smoking and how the Volcanic Vaporizer can help to minimize – but of course not entirely eliminate – the risks associated with herb taking. However, it may interest you that this isn’t the only benefit of choosing the Volcano, as there are efficiency and economic gains too. The entire balloon and value system has been designed to ensure that nothing is wasted between inhalations. 

Where can I buy a Volcano?

Click here and head on to the Shiva Online shop, where you can read more about the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and purchase your very own device.

What temperature should a Volcano vaporizer be set at?

This depends on whether your preference is for a ‘smokier’ experience. If so, we would recommend that you start off at around 6.5. You’ll want to leave the heat on at this temperature for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Then, after each bag filling, you’ll want to turn up the heat just one notch. 

Thee Sherlock Holmes Traditional Pipe

Without in any way detracting from some of the modern eye catching designs to be seen today in pipes, many would argue that the traditional Sherlock Holmes pipe is the only true pipe that a serious smoker would wish to be seen with.

Sherlock PipeWe can all interpret what we consider to be the “true” Sherlock, but there are several variations on the one seen in picture books and on film and television. What never varies in the models which can be seen at our web pages is that in the six pipes shown practically all have the traditional bent stem, which is made in easy clean hygienic plastic, and the “business” end is crafted from traditional highly polished wood.

Pipe smoking has been a tradition in this and many other countries since The Spanish first introduced the pleasures associated with it from around 1559, although British School history would have us believe that it was Sir Walter Raleigh, he did in fact smoke a pipe and for certain introduce potatoes! However we know that tobacco had long been in use in Mexico and the Americas going back in time.

Looking through our web pages you can see the six styles of Sherlock Pipes all of which are priced at £19.99, but if you cannot decide which style you prefer, you can take advantage of our special of a “mix and match” selection of two pipes of your choice for £29.99, a saving to you of just a shade over £10.00, grab a couple and enjoy a relaxing smoke with this traditional and comfortable to use pipe.

Cleaning after use is easy as the Sherlock Pipe disassembles ensuring easy access providing a continued pleasing smoke.

OCB Crystal Rolling Machine

There is a definite knack to rolling a perfectly long cylindrical cigarette, some people can make it looks so easy, remember those wonderful old Westerns where the Cowboy makes a smoke using one hand? Some of us cannot manage it with two! However, the OCB Crystal Rolling Machine will make the perfect cigarette which will be hard to tell form a “tailor-made” one.

All that is required is a supply of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, suitable paper, a good one is the Classic No.8 or Mascotte Green Organics, filter if you prefer one and then, roll the two rollers together moisten the edge and open up, there is your neat home-rolled cigarette waiting for you to enjoy. It really is that simple and for the very attractive price offered on our web pages of £2.99, or you can buy two for only £5.00 and have a spare in the car, pocket or handbag, whilst you always have on at home or when out and about.

Neat enough to carry around at 26mm (w) x 26mm (h) x 78mm (d) light in weight too at only 22grams, or less than an ounce if you prefer. This neat rolling machine would make a perfect companion for the Clip Shot Tobacco tin.

Dynavap The “M” 2020 Edition

You may have been vaping for some time and are used to the convenience and pleasure, but now could you be looking for a vaporizer with that bit more panache? Recently added to our extensive range of vaping items that can be found on our web pages, DynavapThe “M” 2020 edition is certain to give you the hit that suits you.

This is because it now features a clever method of allowing you to control the air flow and it works by adjusting form closed when you will experience a thicker steam, but opening up the flow of ait means that will provide a softer steam.

Like its predecessor the “M” 2020 is constructed from medical grade stainless steel, features a faceted tip with airflow serrations, but unlike some others does not need a battery, which of course can run out of power just when you need a smoke! Any external heat source such as a cigarette lighter will ensure that it will deliver the hits.

We believe that the “M” is the very first vaporizer that can be heated up in less than a few seconds using a cigarette lighter, or any other flame such as candle, or even that little glowing ember as you sit around a campfire. Simple to use just load a tiny amount of ground herbs into the Dynavap “M” tip heat up until you hear the distinctive click, and then you are on your way to inhaling full flavoured smoking.

This is a very affordable and fantastic vaporizer offered by us at £79.99, why not add to your wish list or buy now whilst still in stock.

420 Wax Wallet

420 Science is a great innovator; what we are able to say is that the company is synonymous with high tech products, working as they do with some of the most well-known names in the industry to bring you the best product to help you enjoy the pleasure of smoking or vaping.

One of the products that have caught the eye of many of you is the 420 Wax Wallet, a hinged storage device that is lined with approved food grade silicone, designed to ensure that none of your product sticks to the lining of the container. With the low profile of the Wax Wallet, it measures only 12.5 mm high, this ensures it will fit neatly into your pocket or bag and you can be assured that your essential oils are kept the same as when you bought them. The Wax Wallet is discreet, lightweight, and durable and as it holds just one gram, just the right amount for a day trip. The hinged container lid is easily opened, and fits snugly together which will ensure that it will always keep your stuff in perfect condition.

420 Science set out to produce a totally unique way to store oils and waxes safe and sound; from our experience and the feedback that we have had from users that have bought this Wallet, they have certainly succeeded in doing that and is offered to you in two colours, Blue or Green.

Pocket Wick 20ft Hemp Wick

We believe that no survival kit, kitchen cupboard or DIY chest should be without one of these, the Pocket Wick is perfect for any task that requires a flame for more than just a few seconds. How many times have you tried to light a camp fire using matches and ended up with burnt fingers, or what can be even more difficult at times, getting a pilot light lit on your boiler or gas water heater.

The Pocket Wick is a natural and sustainable product with industrial grade hemp, grown by farmers in Europe and this is coated in exclusively European-sourced beeswax. It is, of course, a known fact that honey bees are in danger and many hives are suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, for this reason the manufacturers of the Pocket Wick will donate a percentage of their profits to support honey bee charities.

Being coated with natural beeswax, the Pocket Wick is waterproof and will burn for up to two hours if required, all that is need is to pull out from the twenty feet of wick provided, the amount that you need and you can then easily light this with an external flame. Pocket Wick the perfect choice for wherever you need a flame.

Pocket Wick 20ft Hemp Wick

Add the relaxing scent of Nag Champa Perfume Oil to your home

This classic Indian fragrance has to be one of the most recognisable and popular fragrances; this is used in incense, soap, perfume oil, essential oils, candles and personal toiletries. This classic incense became very popular through the “Hippie” period in the 1960’s and it was through them that it became introduced into the West, to make it become the best selling incense in the world.

So whether you want to use the oil, for meditation, adding some to the bath water, by adding a few drops to the molten wax on the top of a burning candle, or simply used in an oil burner, you can guarantee that you home will smell delightful. The most popular way is to use it to diffuse the aroma by filling the bowl with water, adding a few drops of oil, place lit tea light underneath and relax and just enjoy the aroma.

The Nag Champa Perfume oil offered by us is very economical and at the low price of just £4.99 for 47g; it only a small amount needed to transform your home to smell like a Hindu Temple for many months! Whilst you are at the web page why not consider some Nag champ Incense sticks, when like Bob Dylan, you can burn the incense which releases a mellow, yet strong smoke that lasts for hours, gently drifting through your rooms.

Nag Champa Perfume Oil

Experiment with RDA coils with the Diamond Mist KRO Coil Making Jig

We know that Public Health England have declared that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, the reason behind this is that this is due to lightly heating the herbs to produce a smoother and healthier hit. It has also been established that it’s a great alternative to regular smoking, and by vaping you can be avoiding the inhalation of the toxic and carcinogenic by-products associated with regular smoking.

We display a number of vaporizers; one tool which has had a huge impact is the Diamond Mist KRO Coil Making Jig, this device is part of the established Diamond Mist’s ‘Build Your Own’ Range, this is for those who want something that is unique to them as they like to experiment in building their own RDA coils.

The Diamond Mist kit contains all the tools that are needed for the users to wrap their own RDA coils from 1mm to 3.5mm using the supplied attachments. If you have never done it before, don’t worry there is included a full set of instructions that are intended to guide you through the coil building process, giving you tips on how to create different types of coils with different ohm readings. This system will make RDA coils so easy you will wish that these had been around a lot sooner.

Make coils from 1mm to 3.5mm using the various attachments, it couldn’t be easier and the kit contains a Coil Making Jig, Allen Micro-key, 1,0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2,5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.5mm Winding Rods.

Diamond Mist KRO Coil Making Jig

Prolight Triple Pocket Torch

This Prolight torch is really three items in one, the all-important lighter of course but in addition it has its own cigarette holder, as well as a cigar punch. But the lighter is the main feature and it is rather special as it has three flames, this makes it perfect for lighting your shisha charcoal.

Now as we all know the charcoal is an absolute essential part of the shisha experience, one the few things truly setting this pipe apart from virtually every other kind of pipe out there. This is the source of heat which causes the tobacco to produce smoke. However they can be hard to light, but this is made easy with Prolight and it will also light your charcoal barbecue!

Of course sensible precautions are necessary and you should always ignite the torch away from clothing and ensue that the flame is completely extinguished after each use. Whilst this is a child resistant lighter no lighter can be completely childproof, so keep away from children.

Excellent value for this three in one product at £22.99, we offer the Prolight in soft touch black or space chrome.

Prolight Triple Pocket Torch