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The Only Volcano Vaporizer Resource You Will Ever Need

The Volcano Vaporizer is known across the globe and is the go-to Vaporizer of choice for anyone looking for a stationary or desktop device for use at home. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic piece of kit. 

Is the Volcano Vaporizer worth it?

Vapourizer brands and manufacturers are always looking to innovate by adding new features or tweaking their designs. However, for many years since it’s the Volcano Vaporizer has become known as the classic Volcano, the benchmark that all other vaporizers aspire to. 

But don’t just take our word for it. The Volcano Vaporizer is still widely recognized by critics and experts in their Vaporizer reviews as one of the most technically advanced on the market. It is also easy to use and insanely durable! Definitely, a timeless investment piece that is equally appealing to the newbie or the more experienced vaper! 

is the volcano vaporizer worth it

The Volcano vaporizer now comes with a full 3 years’ guarantee.

How long does a Volcano vaporizer last?

The Volcano classic Vapourizer uses German engineering and is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. It is built to last you for many years to come, meaning you can look forward to many enjoyable years vaping! 

We are so confident that you will love your Volcano Vaporizer that we offer a full three-year guarantee. 

Is the Volcano still the best Vaporizer?

There are plenty of quality vaporizers on the market. A quick Google or Amazon search will reveal many options, from cheaper versions made from lower grade materials to the more expensive, investment pieces. 

However, the Volcano Vaporizer offers a unique technology that is now patented. The valve takes the aromatic air and transfers it into a balloon. This air is then separated from the device and inhaled. In terms of functionality, you won’t find it better on the market. 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano HYBRID vaporizer is the third-generation version of Storz & Bickel’s seminal desktop vaporizer.



Which Vaporizer is the healthiest?

When you vape, you inhale steam – or vapour – rather than the tar and other unhealthy byproducts that are present when you smoke. 

If you’re health-conscious – and let’s face it, who isn’t nowadays – vaping is going to be a better option as it’s better for your lungs when compared with smoking.  

The Volcano vaporizer is not harmful to anyone in the same room as you, and you can be assured that any damaging effects are also minimal to you, the user. 

Does a volcano vaporizer smell?

We are always being asked this question! And the short answer is that you will be much more discreet in terms of smell with any vaporizer you buy than smoking. This is because vaporizers don’t actually produce smoke! They create – wait for it – VAPOR! It’s a small but hugely significant difference. 

As a general rule, you can be assured that the smell produced by vaping is – on average – only 20% of the scent produced by smoking

As the world becomes more health-conscious, many people who vape are aware of the impact of their smoke on those around them. We understand that the last thing you want is for everyone around you to be bothered by the smell of your Vaporizer.

How long can you leave a volcano Vaporizer on?

The great news is that you can leave your Volcano Vaporizer on for long periods without having to worry. This is because when you heat up your Volcano, the internal parts come to a stable temperature that remains that way. What’s more, the Vaporizer is naturally cooled by the air that is circulating around. 

The key to ensuring no issues or damage is to sit your Volcano on a hard surface. You’ll want to make sure that the cooling vents are clear or not covered. If all of this is in place, then you can leave your Volcano on indefinitely. However, please don’t leave it unattended and be sure to turn it off if you leave the room for a period or leave the house. 

Which company Vaporizer is best?

Storz and Bickel are some of the most widely known vaporizer companies in the world. They are renowned for their iconic Volcano, which offers the perfect blend of functionality and features, retro design and world-class German engineering.

Which company Vaporizer is best storz and bickel

This lightweight, handheld unit is both powerful and robust in its design ensuring that you get what you pay for.

How much is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer costs £289.99. It is currently on sale, with £9 off. Volcano Vaporizers can cost anywhere between £50 and £500, depending upon the features you are looking for, and the accessories you choose, meaning the Classic Volcano Vaporizer is a great mid-range price for a high-quality piece of kit. 

Is the PAX 3 a good Vaporizer?

The PAX 3 has now been on the market for many years and remains one of – if not the – most reliable portable vaporizers out there. 

The reason for this is the quick heat-up time, as well as the options to tailor your sessions using the Smartphone App. 

And, with its long battery life, it’s literally the perfect everyday vape! 

Pax 3 Vaporizer

One of the new features of the Pax 3 is its compatibility with both loose leaf herbs and oily concentrates with the addition of a new concentrate insert.

How long can you use a Volcano bag? 

This is going to depend on how often you use your Volcano. However, it’s probably a safe bet to say every two weeks is about right for the average user. If you’re a light user, you could go to a month and if you’re a heavy user, then use a fresh one every week. Try this out as a general guide but just amend it according to your personal preference and changing usage levels. 

Vape Shapes Vaporizer Bags

Made from the highest quality materials, the huge leaf bag will make your Vaporizer stand out among the rest.

How to clean your Volcano?

This really depends on your personal preference and, of course, the frequency with which you use your Volcano. It’s also worth noting that not all of the parts of your Volcano will need cleaning at the same time. Some need a regular top-up, whereas others can be left for up to a month. It’s worth keeping an eye on this and scheduling your clean up regime accordingly. 

Cleaning is not only vital for a good vaporizing experience; it’s essential to ensure that your parts maintain their longevity and don’t need replacing unnecessarily. 

Here is a general rule of thumb for the average user. 

Around once a week, it’s vital that you clean out the top screen of the filling chamber. If this is left any longer, you will notice it harms your herbal extraction. 

About every fortnight, you need to take a look at the solid valve. If you leave this any longer you’ll start to notice that it requires much more effort to get a decent hit. Give it a good clean and be sure to replace the bag every two weeks. 

Around every three to four weeks, you will want to check and remove the bottom of the filling chamber. 

Be sure to clean each area thoroughly and then allow everything to air dry completely before re-assembling. 

Some vapers also like to take their vacuum cleaner and vacuum the screen where the air comes out of the base. This can really help to clear out any fine dust and particles that are ordinarily hard to reach. 

What are the benefits of using a vaporizer?

We’ve already mentioned the health risks associated with smoking and how the Volcanic Vaporizer can help to minimize – but of course not entirely eliminate – the risks associated with herb taking. However, it may interest you that this isn’t the only benefit of choosing the Volcano, as there are efficiency and economic gains too. The entire balloon and value system has been designed to ensure that nothing is wasted between inhalations. 

Where can I buy a Volcano?

Click here and head on to the Shiva Online shop, where you can read more about the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and purchase your very own device.

What temperature should a Volcano vaporizer be set at?

This depends on whether your preference is for a ‘smokier’ experience. If so, we would recommend that you start off at around 6.5. You’ll want to leave the heat on at this temperature for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Then, after each bag filling, you’ll want to turn up the heat just one notch.