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The Shiva customer loyalty reward scheme

Because we value our loyal customers we have decided to introduce a reward scheme to thank them and to invite them to become members of Shiva Online and to benefit from a 5% discount.

The scheme is straightforward and does not involve a payment to become a member of the scheme. Once you have joined we record your purchases from us and for every five orders that we ship to you, following from this we will send you an email which has a unique code that will automatically discount your sixth order when place with the quoted code, nothing could be simpler.

Naturally the reward only applies to members so ensure that you sign up so that you can benefit from the discount offered.

This scheme is not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or promotion code, check with us if in doubt.

We reserve the right to change, stop or revoke this promotional deal at any time.

The promotion is valid for orders which have been placed since 27/01/2015.

If you want to benefit from our special discounts, ensure that you become a member of the Shiva Online loyalty reward scheme.

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Our fantastic Range of Shiva Bongs

We are now pleased to offer our very own range of Shiva Dominator Glass Percolator Bongs on Shiva Online. We have been selling bongs and pipes for a number of years now as you know and have extensive knowledge in these types of products so it only made sense to produce our own quality and affordable range.

Dominator 33cm Glass Percolator


With our years of experience we designed the Shiva Dominator 33cm Glass Percolator and the Shiva Dominator 43cm Glass Percolator to offer you the best smoke possible, so check it out today.

GreenThe Shiva Dominator Glass Percolator Bongs are simply designed but offer maximum pleasure and they come in a choice of green or blue with Shiva branding. Our collection has been designed with the upmost care to ensure you get a smooth and tasty hit every time. We wanted to make sure our bongs were also durable, both sizes have a thick 7mm construction which avoids cracking if your bong is tipped or knocked over.


The Dominator Glass Percolator Bongs from Shiva have been designed with a 2 piece diffuser down stem to enable better filtration and also creating extra bubbles. Also we are most pleased with the 10 arm percolator which not only looks really cool when in use but also further filters and cools the smoke. And finally the added ice dimples we added allows users to add ice to the Shiva bong which will help cool the smoke, giving you a smooth hit every time.

If you’re looking for a quality, durable and affordable glass percolator bong, then look no further than Shiva and our own range of Dominator 33cm and Dominator 43cm Glass Percolator bongs.

The Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle

Aphrodisiacs have been used for hundreds of years to enhance sex drives and desire; Shiva Head Shop’s range of herbal aphrodisiacs are great supplements to add a bit of fun to your sex life.

The Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle is designed to give the maximum pleasure to both you and your partner and save money at the same time. The bundle contains:

•    Librex Sex Pills for men
•    Librex Sex Pills for women
•    C*ckstar enhancement pills for men
•    C*cstar enhancement pills for women

If you order the Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle now, you will receive 6 sachets of lubricating gel absolutely free!
The Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle is available now for just £34.99 saving you over £8.

Gold Spinner Grinders – add some bling in your life!

Fancy adding a bit of bling to your kitchen? Then one of the Gold Spinner Grinders is for you. These grinders not only look cool, they will also make mince meat out of any herbs you throw at it. No more will you have to use your sharpest knife to chop your herbs into small pieces.

These grinders are made for top quality materials and inside you’ll find a set of super sharp teeth perfect for grinding your herbs in a matter of seconds. As the name suggests, Gold Spinner Grinders have a gold plated logo in the top of them that spins like a set of 50 Cents alloy wheels, sweet!

The Gold Spinner Grinders feature a built in mesh that filter the smallest parts of your herb in the bottom; these are usually the most potent parts of the herb and can be used for special occasions or for when you want to treat yourself.

Gold Spinner Grinders are available now for just £14.99 each.

Spyral 2 Part Grinder

The Spyral 2 Part Grinder not only effortlessly grinds your herbs, but also looks great too! Made from solid aluminium, this grinder is great for all of your culinary and grinding needs and has an easy grip design to make it even easier to use.

The dimond shaped teeth glide through herbs easily, providing a smooth grinding action and the lid is magnetic to prevent spillages.

Each Spyral 2 Part Grinder comes with the Spyral logo embossed on the lid for authenticity and comes with a handy draw string bag to keep it in when it’s not in use. Available in small, medium and large, the Spyral 2 Part Grinder starts from just £11.99.

Please note: Colours may vary from picture shown.

Meet the newest handheld vaporizer – The Essential Vaaapp

The Essential Vaaapp is the latest handheld vaporizer on the market and its great design and ease of use is sure to prove quite popular. To use the Essential Vaaapp, simply place your chosen herbs into one of the glass vials (the pipe comes complete with two vials), screw the vial onto the pipe, heat the vial with a standard lighter and inhale, great!

The pipe is made from anodidised metal and is available in black, blue and silver, and the moulded grip will give you hours of comfortable smoking.

The Essential Vaaapp comes complete with two glass vials, a padded carry case and full instructions for just £65 each, bargain!

Red-Eye Bling Bongs – Big Punishment

The Big Punishment bong is part of the Bling Bongs range manufactured by Red-Eye; is stands 35cms tall and has a large bubbled design allowing for more water and a smoother smoke. It also contains a diffuser that breaks the smoke into lots of small bubbles and as with all of the bling bongs it comes with chrome mouthpiece and base as well as an embedded cubic zirconia to make it really stand out from the crowd.

This bong also comes with a drop in cone for ease of use and comes complete with two packets of screens so all you have to do is put some water in it, load it up and enjoy.

Check out the other Bling Bongs in the range; there all made from premium acrylic and will give you years of smoking pleasure. The Big Punishment bong is available now for just £34.95, bargain!

Penis Pump Kit – for both of your enjoyment!

This penis pump kit will increase the size and girth of your penis from the first time you use it and will permanently increase the size of your manhood with regular use. The penis pump kit comes with everything you need to get started straight away and also comes with a leather cock ring to keep your erections lasting for longer.

Using the penis pump regularly can also help you achieve better orgasms and enhances sensitivity.

The penis pump kit is available now for only £70 and if you order now you will also receive the I.D Mystery Lube 5 pack for free, Bargain!

CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinders

The CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinders from Shiva Head Shop are ideal for any culinary or aromatherapy use and are guaranteed to stay sharp and last for years. Available in small, medium and large, these sifter grinders crush your herbs effortlessly and filter out the smaller and more potent parts of the plant.

Strong and sturdy, the CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinder can be easily disassembled for cleaning and is suitable for use with dry herbs and petals as well as pepper corns making it great for culinary use.

The CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinders are available now from £24.99.

Black Power Battery Stash Tin – keeping your possessions safe!

There’s an old saying that goes ‘the best place to hide something is in plain view’ and its true of these fantastic Black Power Battery stash tins. This compact stash tins are ideal to hide small items and valuables away from greedy fingers and because they look like normal batteries no one will know the difference.

Simply unscrew the lid, put your valuables inside and screw the lid back on knowing that your prized possessions are safe. These hand little stash tins fit into D-size battery compartments for extra security; they won’t power your gadgets up, but won’t get found either, great!

Black Power Battery Stash Tins are available now from Shiva Head Shop for £3.99 each or 4 for £14.99, bargain!