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The Shiva customer loyalty reward scheme

Because we value our loyal customers we have decided to introduce a reward scheme to thank them and to invite them to become members of Shiva Online and to benefit from a 5% discount. The scheme is straightforward and does not involve a payment to become a member of the scheme. Once you have joined […]

Our fantastic Range of Shiva Bongs

We are now pleased to offer our very own range of Shiva Dominator Glass Percolator Bongs on Shiva Online. We have been selling bongs and pipes for a number of years now as you know and have extensive knowledge in these types of products so it only made sense to produce our own quality and […]

The Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle

Aphrodisiacs have been used for hundreds of years to enhance sex drives and desire; Shiva Head Shop’s range of herbal aphrodisiacs are great supplements to add a bit of fun to your sex life. The Him and Her Aphrodisiacs Bundle is designed to give the maximum pleasure to both you and your partner and save […]

Spyral 2 Part Grinder

The Spyral 2 Part Grinder not only effortlessly grinds your herbs, but also looks great too! Made from solid aluminium, this grinder is great for all of your culinary and grinding needs and has an easy grip design to make it even easier to use. The dimond shaped teeth glide through herbs easily, providing a […]

Meet the newest handheld vaporizer – The Essential Vaaapp

The Essential Vaaapp is the latest handheld vaporizer on the market and its great design and ease of use is sure to prove quite popular. To use the Essential Vaaapp, simply place your chosen herbs into one of the glass vials (the pipe comes complete with two vials), screw the vial onto the pipe, heat […]

Red-Eye Bling Bongs – Big Punishment

The Big Punishment bong is part of the Bling Bongs range manufactured by Red-Eye; is stands 35cms tall and has a large bubbled design allowing for more water and a smoother smoke. It also contains a diffuser that breaks the smoke into lots of small bubbles and as with all of the bling bongs it […]

Penis Pump Kit – for both of your enjoyment!

This penis pump kit will increase the size and girth of your penis from the first time you use it and will permanently increase the size of your manhood with regular use. The penis pump kit comes with everything you need to get started straight away and also comes with a leather cock ring to […]

CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinders

The CNC Aluminium Sifter Grinders from Shiva Head Shop are ideal for any culinary or aromatherapy use and are guaranteed to stay sharp and last for years. Available in small, medium and large, these sifter grinders crush your herbs effortlessly and filter out the smaller and more potent parts of the plant. Strong and sturdy, […]

Black Power Battery Stash Tin – keeping your possessions safe!

There’s an old saying that goes ‘the best place to hide something is in plain view’ and its true of these fantastic Black Power Battery stash tins. This compact stash tins are ideal to hide small items and valuables away from greedy fingers and because they look like normal batteries no one will know the […]