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Chongz Hairway to Steven Honeycomb Diffuser Bong

Yes it is a clever play on words, but The Chongz Hairway to Steven Honeycomb Diffuser Bong is a really new and exciting addition to our wide range of diffusers that can be seen at our web pages. Coming from Chongz it is, as expected, made entirely with the finest 5mm borosilicate glass.
A great feature of this bong is the beautiful honeycomb diffuser, this is not for show, this addition helps in the cooling and important filtration of the smoke which is does by producing tiny bubbles increasing the area to allow for the cooling of the smoke. Ice can be added to the bong through the ice twists which cools the smoke further by a huge amount.

The Chongz Diffuser Bong is now being offered by us in either a choice of Black or Green and it is sized at 11 cm (w) 33 cm (h) 12 cm (d) which we consider makes it an attractive piece to display too.

Each of the two options are being offered at our web pages for £44.99 and we can say that as Chongz has long been associated with high quality borosilicate glass products, this bong certainly lives up to the company’s high reputation and represent excellent value for money.