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A Beginners Guide to Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation also known as Electro Sex or EStim is a sexual practise which involves electricity to stimulate the sexual nerves of the body, with particular emphasis on the gentiles. Although not a new concept, electro sex is starting to gain popularity with men, woman and couples looking to expand their selfie and try new things. Devices have come a long way since the inception of electrostimulation, back in the 1700’s. This was in a time before there were any type of sex toy available.

How does it Work?

You shouldn’t confuse electro sex with BDSM, it is instead an evolution of that, by using electricity for a sexual manner and applying pain and sensation in a different manner. EStim doesn’t have the same sadistic reputation as BDSM. However it has to be undertaken in a safe manner with the correct equipment. The process involves passing a low-voltage current through your body to stimulate your erogenous zones. This process sensitises your body to improve your erotic response, with the electric currents working on your nerve endings. They will be more alert and will leave you sensitive to the touch, thus allowing you greater sexual pleasure.

It won’t feel like you imagine it would to be electrocuted, so there will be no zapping or frayed hairs, the currents used are very low, proving sensation over shock. It will feel more like a vibration or tickle, however you can set it higher depending on your pain threshold. You can concentrate the estim anywhere on the lower part of your body, when focused on the prostate, penis, clitoral shaft or vagina you may find there is no need for further stimulation as orgasm can be reached sometimes, because of the intensity from the current.

Getting Started

estimTo begin with you will need to purchase an electrostimulation power box, this will power the currents which will run through your body. These have a number of different settings to alter the speed and intensity allowing you to tailor make your sensation. Most boxes come with conductive bands or pads and all necessary wires. This is ideal for beginners and those using estim for the first time. After a while though you may want to try other options.

You then need to decide what attachments you would like, there are a number available, and we have a great choice here at Shiva Joy. We stock torpedo plugs, vaginal probes, penis sheaths and band as well as cock and ball harnesses and straps.

estim atachments

Is it Safe?

Correct use of electrostimulation products is safe if you make sure you adhere to the usage. Never use electrodes above the waist, devices are designed to be used below the waist never passing a current through your chest. Like all electrical items you should never use your stimulator and electrodes in or near water. However lubricants and conductive gels can be used. Also if you suffer from certain medical conditions you should also avoid using electrostimulation devices:

  • If you have any form of heart condition
  • If you have inflamed, swollen or broken skin where you wish to apply the electrodes
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have been fitted with any form of mechanical medical device
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • If you suffer from any form of penile, vaginal or anal disorder or infection

Some people looking for an inexpensive form of electrostimulation look to using a “body toner” or “electromassage” units, however they don’t offer the same experience with a lack of specialised attachments, but they do follow the same theory of use. Some people also resort to make their own however we urge no one to try this at home as people who have modified home appliances such as a Hifi or DVD system have been injured or killed. Household electric items are not designed for estim and don’t have the same safety features needed for safe use.