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Shiva has been trading for 10 years. Our retail outlet is situated in the heart of Greenwich – a vibrantly colourful and lively area in which we enjoy the custom of people from all around the world. Visitors are often intrigued by the products we sell but always open-minded enough to come in and talk to us. We count ourselves lucky that we get to meet such a wide variety of weird and wonderful types.

Everyone who enters our shop has something in common – a real love for life and the desire to develop their understanding of this ever-changing earth. Our shop has become a meeting place for minds that thrive on discovery and creativity.

Now we have extended our business so that it is accessible to fun-loving adventurers everywhere. We strive to improve and update this site as much as we can and we are always open to comments and suggestions from our visitors. If you’d like to get in touch to share your views, please send emails to: