Vapostar – the innovative vaporizer

Vapostar is an easy to use, but effective method of transforming your glass bong into a vaporizer, which allows you to enjoy all your favourite flavours without the toxic effects of combustion. Vaping is increasingly becoming recognised as the healthy alternative to smoking. Make the switch to vaping and you too can see the advantages to your health.

Simple, effective technology

You will be amazed by how easy the Vapostar is to use. The power of the lungs draws a butane gas flame through the Vapostar to heat the small steel star in the extraction chamber. From the star, sixteen points of heat penetrate the herb creating vapour which quickly fills the pipe for you to enjoy the aromas of your choice.

Stopping is just as easy as starting. Once cold air is drawn into the Vapostar the temperature quickly drops and the device is ‘switched off’.

Buy with or without a bong

Vaporstar have been around for years now, and were at the forefront of the vaping revolution. This is because of the ease of transforming any glass bong into an instant vaporizer.

If you already own a glass bong, buy the Vapostar alone. It is adjustable to fit the size of all small glass bongs. This makes switching to vaping easy both in a practical sense and in a financial one.

You can also buy a Vapostar with a glass bong so that you have everything you need to start vaping immediately.