Vaporizers are a great alternative to regular smoking and bong smoking, and work by lightly heating the herbs to produce a smoother and healthier hit. Because the herbs are not burned, vaporizing avoids the inhalation of the toxic and carcinogenic by-products associated with smoking.

Here at Shiva we stock a wide range of vaporizers including mains powered units and battery powered portable units that are ideal for travelling. Heating the herbs instead of burning them means that you get the optimum taste, better efficiency and reduce the harmful effects such as second hand smoke and other toxins that are released when burned.

Vaporizers are also becoming popular for those wanting to quit smoking, in fact, electronic cigarettes work in same way to vaporizers although they use a liquid solution instead of actual herbal mixtures.

Whether you're looking for a state-of-the-art digital vaporizer or a strong and sturdy glass vaporizer for travelling you'll find it here at Shiva.