A vaporizer is a great alternative to regular smoking and bong smoking, and work by lightly heating the herbs to produce a smoother and healthier hit. Because the herbs are not burned, vaporizing avoids the inhalation of the toxic and carcinogenic by-products associated with smoking.

Here at Shiva we stock a wide range of vaporizers including mains powered units and battery powered portable units that are ideal for travelling. Heating the herbs instead of burning them means that you get the optimum taste, better efficiency and reduce the harmful effects such as second hand smoke and other toxins that are released when burned. Vaporizers are also becoming popular for those wanting to quit smoking, in fact, electronic cigarettes work in same way to vaporizers although they use a liquid solution instead of actual herbal mixtures. Whether you're looking for a state-of-the-art digital vaporizer or a strong and sturdy glass vaporizer for travelling you'll find it here at Shiva.

What type of Vaporizer do I need ?

It has become a lot easier for a new user to enter the world of vaporisation, In the modern vaporiser market there are very few vaporisers that can be consideredĖœhard to use, thanks to leaps and bounds in the technology required for vaporisation.

Puffco Pro Dabbing Vaporizer

As a consequence, rather than being restricted to choosing a vaporiser based on ease of use the beginner vaporiser can now choose one within the price bracket they operate in and around the needs they require it to fill. For around a hundred pounds you could buy the old school and discreet iolite, which is butane run (very quick charging) and very pocket-able. For around the same price you could get an electronic vaporiser such as the flower mate or magic flight box. While units at this price range perform well for the price and size of them the vapour production is still not comparable to units a mere 50 pounds dearer such as the arizer solo and its smaller newer counter part the arizer air at 160 pounds.

At the top end of the range (200-300) you start getting towards the high performing desktop units such as the arizer towers as well as the classic, durable and high-performance volcano.

In this price range on the portable side of things, you have probably the two highest performance portable vaporisers on the market, the crafty and the mighty, which offer the same high performance while being entirely pocket sized.

If you cant afford a vaporiser costing around 100 pounds you are going to have a tough time finding an extremely high performing vaporiser but there are low tech low-cost versions available such as the classic eagle bill shake and vape glass vaporiser and aliv-e-8 which both require the use of a lighter in order to heat your vaporised material, these are both perfect acceptable ways to have your first vape, but an upgrade is strongly recommended for durability, efficiency and longevity.

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Does vaporizer size and complexity really matter?

the size of the vaporiser only comes into play when it comes to discretion and ease of portability, something small and pocket able like the da-vinci ascent performs on a similar level to the larger desktop hot box, while the larger vapir no2 would have a lower vapour production than the much smaller crafty.

Ease of maintenance and care is something to take more into consideration, so by consequence the complexity of the unit. Where a unit like the project x requires almost bi- weekly cleaning in order to perform, it rewards the user with extreme portability. However a unit like the arizer solo/air requires you only to clean a glass tube (and not very often at that).

The volcano vaporizer offers two different levels of care requirements thanks to the easy valve and solid valve. The solid valve requiring you to replace the bag, manually installing the bag in the valve unit, while the easy valve you discard the valve attachment along with the bag making the upkeep much easier and speedier, this however comes at an extra cost when purchasing the new bags.

The Dip Stick Dabbing Vaporizer