Bongs or water pipes have been a popular way to smoke tobacco and other herbal substances for hundreds of years, and their origins can be dated back to China during the late Ming Dynasty in the 16th Century.

Originally made from a wooden tube cut from bamboo, the bong became popular in Laos, Thailand and across Africa before coming to Europe in the 20th century. Due to advanced manufacturing techniques and processes, bongs are now made from glass or acrylic making them highly durable and efficient.

A bong is similar in construction to a Hookah Pipe, but is more compact and portable making it a great choice for those who travel. The air and water tight vessel has a bowl (which holds the tobacco or herbal mixture) and stem attached to it. This guides the smoke through the water giving a smoother experience and filters out some of the more harmful toxins making it healthier than standard cigarette smoking.

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