Cigarette lighters are a smart convenient item to use for smokers and all the lighters offered on our website comply with BS EN ISO 9994 (Lighter safety standards) and they are child resistant. Effectively lighters allow you to quickly and effectively start a flame. You can also use a lighter to start a campfire or charcoal barbecue.

We have a wide selection of lighters including the famed Bob Marley and the clipper lighter which first came onto the scene in 1972 and today the production tops around 200 million. If you are a dedicated follower of fashion then look no further than the Pierre Cardin range, choose from the Ladies, gents or the elegant cigar lighter and cutter.

The king of them all probably has to be the famed Zippo and since 1932 Zippo has produced over 400,000,000 windproof lighters. We also stock a huge variety of these wind proof lighters here.

For your bong or water pipes we suggest that you look at the Turbo flame lighters, these can also be used for a variety of tasks including culinary use in the kitchen.