Tobacco Tins & Tobacco Pouches

Like a lot of smoking accessories, tobacco tins are one those cool little things you can use to make a bit of statement with that doesn't break the bank. Whether it's a natty, iconic design with your national flag, a particular kind of plant leaf or a more traditional leather pouch, you know you can put it safely on the table in the pub without losing your cool.

On the practical side, these tins and pouches help to prevent you getting a pocketful of tobacco flakes and help keep it fresh for longer (in case you don't smoke everything you have within a day or two like we do).

Types Of Tobacco Tin

There are a few different materials that are used to make tobacco storage, and each one has its benefits and limitations. Metal is one of the most often used materials, Tin or copper, and has been used for over a century to protect and carry tobacco. Tin is hard wearing and is great for trapping in moisture, as well as protecting and containing things. They are also easily decorated meaning you have a large selection of different designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to compliment you and your personality. Although, some people complain that metal can contaminate the taste of your smoke.

Leather is another popular choice, although not for vegans, and has its benefits and limitations. Leather is a durable and flexible material, meaning you can carry it around in your pocket and not worry about it getting dented like a metal container could. Although, leather pouches without a seal can often not contain their contents very well and some can spill out. Leather is a breathable material and can allow excess moisture to escape, or be sucked in if needed. This can be paramount in keeping your tobacco in a smokable state.

What’s an Auto Roller?

An auto roller is a machine that rolls perfect cigarettes without having to use your thumbs. These are especially good for people who struggle to roll cigarettes, and can’t use a conventional rolling machine because of complications with their hands or fingers. They are generally a combination of a tobacco box, paper case and rolling machine and come in various different sizes, designs and brands.

How to use a rolling machine Tin

To use a rolling machine tine you must first open up the tin to reveal the contents. Inside you will see a piece of material. This material needs to be pushed back against the lid of the tin, and then down behind the rolling rod it is attached to. Once in place, you must place a cigarette filter on one side and then tobacco across the rest of the space to form the contents of your roll up cigarette. Once you have formed your cigarette, you need to take a rolling paper, lick the glue, and then tuck the side perpendicular to glue behind the tobacco. Once in place you should close the lid of your auto-roller and Ta-Da! A pre-rolled cigarette will appear from the hole in the top.