Tight Vac Containers

Let’s dispense with an all too common assumption: if you leave your culinary herbs in an ordinary glass or plastic jar, they’re not going to fare very well. And it’s all because of air. Or rather, it’s because of the oxygen and the water vapour in the air. Oxygen is great for breathing but bad news for herbs. It starts to react with them chemically, oxidising their essential oils and hugely decreasing their potency. And dried herbs really don’t like water vapour. They like to be kept dry so that they don’t start to rot (and pong). If you’ve spent good money on your herbs, don’t neglect them once you’ve got them home. Show them a little love with our excellent range of Tight Vac containers.

Shiva’s Tight Vac containers offer the perfect solution for those who want to look after their herbs: because they’re all vacuum-sealed, they stop corrosive oxygen and rot-encouraging water vapour from getting in and they prevent odours from getting out. Our set of transparent containers lets you keep a close eye on the condition of your herbs day by day, but the Opaque set will do the same job just as well: preventing degradation of your herbs and prolonging their freshness and potency for far longer than an ordinary container could hope to do.

For those who want a more compact vacuum-sealed container to store their tobacco or kitchen herbs in, the UniVac Stash Pot is an excellent choice. As with the Tight Vac containers, these colourful Stash Pots form an airtight seal around their contents, stopping smells from escaping, and air and water vapour from getting in.

So don’t be cruel to your herbs. Look after them and keep them fresh by storing them as they need to be stored – in airtight, vacuum-sealed containers. Then enjoy them.