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Everyone who enjoys hand-rolled cigarettes will be familiar with the problem: you put a lot of loving care into packing the tobacco into the cigarette paper tightly, rolling it into a neat tube and building up a little stockpile of similarly crafted rollies. Then you have to cope with the problem of how to take them with you when you’re out and about. There are few things more dismaying than finding out that, just as you’re ready to relax and light up, all that loving craftsmanship has turned into a mangled pile of shredded paper and loose leaves in your pocket or your bag.

Thanks to our tough Tight Pac containers, those days are over. Sturdily built from high impact-proof plastic, they’ll preserve your meticulously fashioned roll-ups in pristine condition. The Small container is perfect for protecting a single roll-up. The size and shape of a pen, you can clip it on your belt or slip it in your back pocket and forget about it until you want to light up. Whether you’ve bent over to touch your toes or ridden side-saddle at an equestrian event, you can rest assured that your ciggy will be safe.

And if you’ve had to cut your smoke short, you don’t have to throw your ciggy away after a few drags. The plastic won’t melt: just pop it back in the container, close the lid and it’ll extinguish without burning a hole through the casing (or your pocket). The Pac also prevents odours from escaping, so you’re not going to end up smelling like an un-emptied ashtray.

The Medium container also features a pen-like clip and can hold two cigarettes or a cigar, while the Large Tight Pac container can hold up to six cigarettes, so you can go to that party without worrying about ending up with a pocketful of mangled tat.