Stash Cans

At Shiva, we’re a little sceptical about the claim that you only have something to fear if you have something to hide. Look at it a bit more closely and it begins to sound a little unhinged. We think everyone has something to hide - something precious that needs to rest unseen from the prying and judging eyes of others. It’s called a private life, the place we go to when we want to chill out, where we don’t have to watch our p’s and q’s, when we can relax and participate in a few simple earthly pleasures without worrying what others think.

That’s why we offer a range of products expressly designed to protect that private life and its simple pleasures from unnecessary intrusion. And one of the most effective ways of shielding those pleasures and precious personal items from the judgments and even the envy of others is to hide them in plain sight. We don’t think you need to saw a panel out of your floorboards to squirrel your private effects out of view. Our range of Stash products offers a much simpler and much more convenient solution. Disguised as common household items, they each feature a secret stash chamber that only you will know about.

Like our superb range of Stash Cans and Stash Bottles for example. One of the authentic-looking stash lines we sell here at Shiva, they look deceptively like the real thing. But they’re not: our realistic Stash Bottle even looks like it’s filled with Pepsi Cola – you can see the dark brown liquid swishing about through the transparent plastic bottle top above the label collar. Just give the collar a twist, however, and you open up a hidden stash chamber.

You’ll get a similarly generous stash compartment in our Drinks Stash Cans and Axe Deodorant Stash Cans, all of which bear authentic-looking logos.