Stash Books

Remember those spy movies where the hero hears something suspicious and calmly pulls down a leather-bound book from its shelf, only to open it and pull out a revolver concealed in a hidden chamber between the covers? Well, thanks to our beautiful range of stash books, fictional spies aren’t the only ones who can benefit from camouflaged storage boxes.

Each of the designs in the realistic Stash Book range look exactly like a rather splendid antique book (large or small), with gorgeously designed covers bearing titles such as “The History of the World Special Edition” and “Rome,” “London,” “New York,” etc. But any similarity with a real book ends beneath the cover. Once opened, the magnetically sealing cover reveals a lockable metal door and a generous stash chamber to store your valuables and keep them away from prying eyes.

Make your inner devil smile with our fiendishly crafty tome of apparent virtue, The Good Book, bound in attractively realistic fake leather. The truth beneath the cover is a well-organised and generously sized stash chamber, complete with a ‘pokey’ to compact the contents of your roll-ups neatly. There’s even a rolling tray to catch those precious loose bits without wasting them, and a little space for your rolling papers. The Deluxe edition of The Good Book comes with the added benefit of an integral chopping board and knife for some fine herb chopping, along with a versatile multi-tool.

To the casual observer, our Secret Book Lock Box looks like a medieval antique, a monkish wooden ledger complete with brass inlays. But inside, the secrets it contains aren’t written in Latin script. They’re your valuables, all safely locked away from prying eyes.

Our book stashes are cleverly designed to look stylish and tasteful. But they’re also designed to keep your precious private items, private.