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Sherlock Holmes Pipes

Rayknight, who have a long history of making pipes for the tobacco industry, makes all of our Sherlock Pipes. This means you are guaranteed not only a stylish pipe, but also one of outstanding quality.

Sherlock Smoking calabash pipes

With the BBC series Sherlock bringing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation bang up to date, the famous detective has been enjoying a surge of popularity in recent years. Sherlock Holmes was, according to the song, fond of a little toke of love, so we think that he would have been inspired by our fantastic range of Sherlock Pipes. In our collection, you will find ten stylish pipes, one of which is bound to suit you. Choose from pipes with deep bowls, straight pipes or more angled pipes with wider mouthpieces. Whichever you choose, you are bound to be delighted, and some people like the fact that with a Sherlock pipe you can see your tobacco burning.

Sherlock Pipe Number 5 is a stylish pipe that is traditional in style. A comfortable looking piece, it has been designed for the regular smoker. The pipe has a plastic mouthpiece that is both light and durable, whilst the large and beautifully polished wooden bowl bears the Knight signature guaranteeing quality. The pipe is easy to take apart, meaning that cleaning it is not a chore. To keep your pipe looking good, it comes with its own soft drawstring bag.

Other Sherlock Pipes have a smaller bowl, whilst Sherlock Pipe Number 8 has a more angular modern appearance. Each pipe is made from wood. As it is a naturally occurring material, the grain will vary, so each pipe will be different and unique. The polishing of the wood brings out the beauty of the material and its grain. The Sherlock Pipes have a selection of other features as well. For example, the black plastic mouthpiece can be straight or more curved and can be short or longer, whichever you find the most pleasing.