Hookah Accessories

Having the right hookah mixtures, accessories and coals makes for a better smoking experience and with the exquisite range of hookah accessories we offer here at Shiva, the sky’s the limit!

Hookah smoking mixtures are specially developed for hookah pipes which use a wetter mixture than standard tobacco. Available in a wide range of mouth-watering flavours including cherry, apple and orange, hookah herbal mixtures are tobacco and nicotine free, and are a great alternative to regular tobacco mixtures, not to mention healthier too. We also stock a range of hookah accessories including replacement hoses, filters and bases, as well as wind guards, charcoal screens and hookah pipe cleaners to keep it in tip top condition.

Our hookah charcoal is special designed for hookah pipes, they are self-igniting, slow burning and easy to use, meaning that you have more time to enjoy your smoking mixtures. Shiva are your one stop shop for all your hookah needs.