Hookah Coals

Smoking a hookah or shisha is a relaxing experience, but of course the one thing that they all need is coals. If you do not have any charcoal to produce heat then your hookah or shisha will not produce any smoke. There is nothing worse than going to have a relaxing hookah smoke only to discover that you do not have any coals, so why not keep a handy stock in store? At Shiva we have a wide range of coals on offer and in addition, we also sell electronic charcoal which produces cleaner smoke that is lower in carbon monoxide.

Hookah & Shisha Coals

At Shiva we have the first Electronic Shisha Charcoal in the world and if you enjoy smoking shisha pipes this is well worth considering. You can use it instead of coals, all you have to do is plug it into the mains and then place the tinfoil on top and wait for it to heat up. The Electronic Shisha Charcoal is smokeless, odourless, clean, and does not produce any carbon monoxide making it much cleaner than regular charcoal. You don’t have to worry about setting the temperature as the ceramic heating technology that is used in the Electronic Shisha Charcoal has been designed to reach the optimum temperature to produce shisha smoke (just remember that it comes with a European plug so will require an adapter for use in the UK). If you want to use coals then we have a range of coals. The Abo Alabed Natural Wood coal is made from naturally occurring olive wood.

This authentic shisha coal comes from Syria and is easy to light and long lasting. The coal burns slowly and this is ideal for ensuring a great flavoured and consistent smoke. The coals can not only be used for Shisha pipes they can also be used for BBQs or for campfires.

Alternatively, try the Firebrand 100% Natural Premium Shisha Coal which is made from coconut shells and thus does not involve the felling of any trees.