The Turds

The Turds

Dab dads will love this one. Anyone who has ever experienced the dark side of Smellboy descending on them as the Crapmeister of fun and games will appreciate this pantheon of mythical gods, The Turds. Forbidden, evil, and mired in their own muck, The Turds are a collection of anti-heroes with an underground mission in mind.

Inner rim constellation creatures

The emergence of a culture of smelly cottage sweetcorn is perhaps sourced in a society of gentlemen destined for doing themselves wrong on the back end. These troll-like horned ones take it a step further, showing us that dabby do is what daddy does. Hot, dark, and covered in shit, The Turds rise from the recesses of our nasties to deliver goo. Collect the entire lot of these incredible little crappers from the inner rim constellations of lieu. No one will mind if they eat poo.

Product features

The Turds statues are configured as archetypes of doo-dads. No longer to be hidden in the bedroom closet, these turd boys are part of a new class of sex creatures designed to impress guests and invite pleasure. Dimensions of each statue: 150mm x 185mm x 145mm; packing weight: 560g.