Elwood Brooks

Better quality smoking with Elwood Brooks

The smoking products from the Elwood Brooks range do vary but they all have one thing in common – quality! If you are looking for great products to make your smoking experience better and easier then look no further. Pipes, bowls and other accessories are all made from the finest quality materials so that they have the longevity and quality of performance that you are looking for.

The design

The products range from the Evolution Pipe, which has been made from aircraft-grade aluminium and medical-quality stainless steel, to the accessories such as the Glass Bowl attachment. This attachment, made from top quality materials and virtually indestructible, is designed to fit more than one of the Elwood Brooks’ pipes, including the Popoca Pipe.

Benefits of features

All the products are very easy to use. In the case of the Evolution Pipe all you have to do is fill the bowl and draw the smoke into the tube chamber, then extend the carburettor while inhaling.

All products are also easy to clean and carry around as they can be dismantled very easily.

Upgrade parts, spares and accessories are widely available for your Elwood Brooks products, many of which are made to work with more than one of the pipes