Amanoo Electronic Hookah & Shishas

The smoking ban introduced into the UK had a large impact on establishments that based there trade on this favoured past time, such as Shisha bars. Since the ban was not extended to the use of electronic smoking devices and vaporisers, Amanoo saw a gap in the market.

Amanoo were founded in 2009 and have since created smoking devices that really fit into the 21st century. They are electronic, portable and much healthier than traditional smoking as well as being much more cost efficient in the long run.

Amanoo E Hookah Head

Their E-hookah converts a classic shisha pipe into healthier, cleaner and even tastier new device. By replacing the combustion of flavoured molasses to the vaporisation of E-Liquid, you remove most of the harmful effects of smoking. This is because the by products of combustion such as tar, carbon monoxide and an array of other harmful and cancer causing substances are not present in the vapour, as it is only made up of the evaporated water and flavourings found in the E-liquids.

Although the effects of vaporising E-liquids has not been tested as much as smoking, there is wide agreement that it is much healthier and preferable to combustion.

Amanoo Portable Hookah V2

Not only is it much healthier, it can also be cheaper in the long run. Apart from having to buy molasses and coals, you only need to buy E-liquids or even can make your own. The E-hookah head requires the use of a shisha pipe, which if you don't have one it's not the end of the world as they offer an all in one E-shisha unit that combines the vaporisation unit into a portable pipe, perfect to take out and about with you to enjoy at a mates house or at a picnic or BBQ!

The E-shisha head works similar to a regular E-cigarette simply fill up the tank with your favourite liquid, place on top of your shisha pipe, fire it up, set your desired temperature setting and puff away! The tank holds a decent amount of liquid, around 10ml, meaning you can get a decent evenings session out of it, or if you prefer, you can put a small amount of liquid in and change the flavour up when you finish it. It does have replaceable coils, which you need to change from time to time, but don't worry, we stock them here at Shiva.

Enjoy your favourite smoking past time, care free with Amanoo's vaporisers, available for you here at Shiva.