Aleda is a revolutionary brand of cigarette papers; revolutionary, as the papers are not actually papers – this brand uses 100% natural cellulose. There is no plastic involved, meaning that this is a very environmentally friendly brand. With no chemicals and no glue, you can be sure that there is no bad taste when you are using these papers. They are transparent which means that you can see exactly what is inside at all times.

One of the reasons why this brand of cigarette papers is popular is that you get a slower burn than with other papers and, what’s more, there is no aroma from the paper. Most brands of cigarette paper use bleaches and other chemicals such as arsenic and metals such as lead. If it sounds as though these things are bad for you, it is because they are and that is why Aleda does not use them.

These papers are king size, measuring 110mm in length, and have been made in Brazil. Each pack contains 40 papers. They are very cost effective and the more you buy the more you can save, so you can choose from just one pack or buying in bulk. Once you have tried these you will not want to go elsewhere.

Aleda were formed a decade ago in 2006 by a young entrepreneur named Renato Volonghi, and many claim that his all-natural cellulose papers have revolutionised the market, with their chemical and plastic free, environmentally friendly ingredients!