Naked Girls Smoking Weed - Best of the 420 Girls (Rob Griffin)

Naked Girls Smoking Weed - Best of the 420 Girls (Rob Griffin)


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Product Description

Naked Girls Smoking Weed is a hardback book of Cannabis facts and photography, featuring hundreds of photos of Naked Girls Smoking Weed. Each page includes an important fact about Hemp or Marijuana. One for every red-blooded male to enjoy!

The name of the book says it all - Naked Girls Smoking Weed. It features the beautiful women from the 420 Girls in all they're glory, smoking piles of weed in every way possible!

We'll let the reviews talk for themselves!!

Eric Danville - Penthouse Magazine - U.S.

What more of an excuse do you need to curl up with a good book than this? Take the best babes from the 420 Girls website, throw in some fun little factoids about everyone's favorite weed, put it all together and you have one big winner as far as we're concerned.

Beauty Flow Magazine - France

Our friend Rob Griffin invites us to get high with this first book published by Goliath. Here is the paradise of weed : all about smoker's dreams is here. But the best here is that you won't be alone there. Rob Griffin invited sublime beauties - famous models or unknown ones - to guide you in this heaven, smoking a pipe or playing naked in weed. Simply the highest Heaven.

Weed World Magazine - U.K.

Girls Smoking Dope. Best web-site Ever. Ever.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Girls in grow-rooms, girls smoking through chillums, girls showing you their best buds!!! Should be a hit. Sex sells at the end of the day!

Turnaround Publisher Services - U.K.

Two of the best things on earth, combined in beautiful color photos. Naked chicks and good bud. Bring it on. They're in hothouses and indoor gardens and outdoor gardens and seedy lounges and bedrooms and black light rooms and god knows what all else and they're all hammered and they're all naked. This, my friends, is heaven....

And from the author himself, Rob Griffin:

While living in Maryland in 1992, I was convicted of a felony Marijuana charge, prohibiting my ability to vote. Determined to find a way out, I began searching for information on the subject. It quickly evolved into a way to help create Cannabis awareness to the world so that we can stop destroying lives and our planet. Women are the most precious beings in the Universe, I had thought to myself - why not invite them to carry this message to the world?

Beautifully presented, and in hardback This is a must for the coffee-table, and one can see this flying off the shelves! Great tongue-in-cheek gift for the boyfriend! 160 pages of naked girls smoking weed. As well as hundreds of great pictures most pages also have some amazing cannabis facts. This makes the book both educational and great fun

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