Button Bags

Button / Stash Bags

The clue is in the name: these handy little baggies (plus some decidedly larger versions) are perfect for keeping fiddly little odds and ends - like buttons - safely and neatly bundled up in one place.

But of course, that’s not all they’ll keep safe and tidy. Some tobacco mixes are more expensive than others, and every shred is precious. Shiva’s wide range of Button Bags will not only keep them tidily wrapped, they’ll keep them in good condition too. They’re made from tough, puncture-resistant high quality plastic and they’re resealable, meaning that you can get to the contents easily but prevent any of the more aromatic odours from some mixes seeping out.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, from the plain and transparent, to the snazzily patterned or opaquely silver, they’re plenty strong enough to store a variety of little objects (like jewellery, small parts from a bong and so on) without getting damaged. Very reasonably priced for the quality of materials they’re made from, our Button Bags come in packs of 100.

But if you’re looking for easily accessible and easily portable storage solutions for the more pungent-smelling herbs in your collection, you can go a step further with odour control by investing in our range of aptly named Stink Stacks. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, from the 1 Gallon Single sack, to packs of three in the Quart size or packs of 10 in Small and Extra Small sizes, each of them comes with a robust airtight seal to prevent tell-tale smells from exuding from your vicinity as you walk about. Who wants to reek of garlic or other culinary smellies, after all?

All Stink Sacks are made from durable, puncture resistant polyethylene and come with ultra-thick seals at the edges. You’d need the strength of Samson to tear these.