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The Mini Confidant Odour Absorbing Water Resistant Pouch by Revelry

This classy bag can be used for a whole variety of items; certainly it will not look out of place as a “man bag” to carry items such as money, cards, smokes, car and house keys etc. However one of the most popular uses we find is to carry tobacco or herbal mixtures when out and about or visiting friends for a cool smoke.

The advantage it offers are that it is both odour absorbing as well as water resistant, very important for our smoking needs. The Mini Confidant is a handy size, but large enough to carry a reasonable amount of items in the sure and safe knowledge that odours are contained and the rain that has just started will not contaminate anything in the bag.

The Mini Confidant Odour Absorbing Water Resistant Pouch embraces two technologies, carbon filters for odour absorption, plus a rubber shield within that Revelry have cleverly combined these to make a bag that functions better than if the elements were used separately. Without question this bag by Revelry looks the part and we can say that is also functions exactly as described.

We are currently offering this bag at just £24.99 and it is available from us in five exciting colour combinations: Black, Navy Blue, Crosshatch Grey, Green or Striped Dark Grey. Its product features are a Carbon Filter System, Rubber-backed Canvas, Custom protective lining, Double Velcro seal, a volume of 0.25 litre and sized at 16.5cm x 12cm.

It is not hard to see that Revelry have worked really hard to achieve what is a bag that not only looks great but, functions just as they say “on the tin”.

Magnetic Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

Practical and stylish, our range of Magnetic Faux Leather Tobacco Pouches are great for those who want to carry all their tobacco products together. Available in 3 awesome designs, these tobacco pouches feature a large front pocket to hold your tobacco, a specially designed pocket for your rolling papers and a zip compartment on the back for extra bits such as roaches and lighters.

The Magnetic Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch also features a magnetic fastening, keeping all of your possessions safe and secure. Available now for just £21.99 each, these handy tobacco pouches are ideal for those who like to roll on the move.

For something a bit different, why not check out our full range of tobacco tins and pouches, including a range of tobacco tins, automatic rolling boxes and leather pouches.

Atomic Comic Book cigarette Boxes

The start of the atomic age really began in 1945, with the dropping of the first atomic bomb, we understood that this promised to herald in a new era of cheap power, so cheap that it would be practically given away. Well as we all know it did not come to pass, but it did spurn  a host of publications and sales gimmicks, just about everything was pre-fixed with the word “atomic”.

Very popular in America as well as over here were the Atomic Comic Books, Atomic Cat, Atomic  Rabbit, Atomic mouse were just a few of them, all products of DC Comics, now a subsidiary of Time Warner. We can all relive those happy childhood days today with a wonderful selection of Atomic Comic Book cigarette Boxes, 8 in all are offered by us.

Designed to hold a standard 20 box of cigarettes, made from strong, but durable plastic with a flip top lid, which is easily opened by simply pressing just below the lid; your cigarettes will be kept pristine whenever you want them. All the boxes are black in colour with the unique comic book styling of your choice on the front.

Choose from: America’s Best Comics, Black Terror, Blue Beetle, Catman, Green Lama, Lars of Mars, Mystery Men or Thunder Agents, a wonderful trip down memory lane at just £5.99 each.

W Pocket Mini Rolling Pouch

Tobacco pouches have been with us for a long time, not quite as long as tobacco itself, but discerning smokers knew that they enjoyed and derived greater pleasure more from new tobacco than they did from old stale products. Keeping the product fresh, preventing it from becoming tainted by overpowering smells became important and the tobacco pouch soon began to appear.

Just as important today as it was then and keeping your newly prepared substances in top condition, especially when out and about is vital, and the W Pocket Mini Rolling Pouch will ensure that it does. This is an entirely new product and is both stylish and practical. With the neat zipper users can comfortably and discreetly prepare roll ups whilst minimising loss, all due to the clever circle form made from a special non-stick, soft PU leather material, when zipped up after you have made your roll up, the contents will remain fresh and smell proof.

With the thin and compact design, the W Pocket Mini is offered in a variety of designs, and with up to 15 to choose from, there is sure to be one that appeals to you, perfectly sized to fit into a pocket, thanks to the slim and compact design. For those who cannot chose between two or more, we are offering pouches in mix and match at two for just £11.99.

RAW Slide Top Cigarette Box

Raw papers are the preferred one used by many connoisseurs’ that like to roll their own smokes and for good reason, possibly because are an all-natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper. Raw use no chemicals in the manufacturing process, which is the reason they have a thin brown almost translucent look. Raw Rolling Papers use natural hemp glue which when it burns does not release toxic emissions resulting in a smoother safer smoke.

Cigarette Cases have been around as long as the cigarette, they first appeared with introduction of rolling tobacco so you could store your tobacco and rolling papers together.  We have a full range of cigarette cases for your roll ups, cigars and cigarettes ,but this Raw Slide Cigarette Box is one of our best-selling cases.

So what better way to carry your roll-ups , your cigarettes, lighters, papers and filters tobacco, herbs, whatever you need, wherever you need it all  in a classy reusable metal case which is perfect for when you are out and about, or spending some time down at the pub, or with friends. No longer suffer the problem of looking for your supplies this is a fantastic tin to keep everything together. The Raw slide top tin has had the RAW logo embossed onto the tin and the lid, the rest of the tin is smooth to the touch. It can easily fit into your back pocket, bag or coat so if you are on the move this is perfect.

Wolf Z1 – 2 Part Storage Box

We all need storage to keep the essential rolling papers, tobacco, blunts and herbal mixtures clean safe and stored at the exact humidity for us to enjoy our relaxing smoke; the battered old tin could be used, but Wolf Productions has something much better.  What about a “cool” looking maple box that has four recessed magnets set into the base and lid, to ensure that the lid is held tightly to the body? Although the base has no recessed apartments, there is ample room to keep all your smoking items and when the lid is reversed and resting on the base, it makes a perfect rolling area.

Because Wolf Productions take real pride in the simplicity of their products, but at the same time ensuring that they detail every one of their designs to the highest possible standard, both in the materials they use and in the finish that they deliver. These superb items are all designed for the discerning smoker; we have to say that this storage box will not be out of place sitting on your coffee table or sideboard.

The maple wood not only looks great it also has properties that ensure that will help to maintain a constant humidity within the storage compartment, The Wolf Z1 2 Part Storage box measures 98mm (w) x 43mm (h) x 98mm (d) and we are offering this at only £13.99, we are sure that you will enjoy looking at, but more importantly using it.

Keep your tobacco fresh with a Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

When you buy your favourite tobacco, it comes to you neatly packed, usually in a moisture proof wrapping most and ready for you to enjoy a smoke. There are a number of ways in which you can keep the tobacco fresh, but not all of them are easy to carry about, such as a battered old tin, but do you really want to produce an old OXO tin in front of friends?

Why not keep your tobacco moist, fresh and at the same time keep all your smoking essentials together whilst looking really classy with a faux leather tobacco pouch. The pouches are made from realistic faux leather, lined with PTFE to keep your tobacco fresh, plus they also have a neat feature which will hold papers, with a zip lock pouch and magnets to keep it neatly sealed together and we are offering these in three colours, Tan, Gr­­ey or Brown, with genuine looking markings, just like real leather for just £7.99.

Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

Keep your tobacco fresh with the Space Vac Container

This item has recently arrived and we are very excited about it and rightly so, it is the latest vacuum sealed system to arrive from our friends at TightVac. Although it is specifically designed for herbs and tobacco, it has many other uses, but with the unique vacuum sealed system, which is designed to keep your products as fresh as the day that they were bought, we believe that you will be excited too. The Space Vac works by keeping the herbs and your tobacco fresh by restricting oxygen to the container and not allowing them to be contaminated with smells.

Some of the other uses that the space Vac can be used for include pills, prescription drugs, coins and perhaps a few sweets! A handy size at 0.6 litres, it measures one inch high by two and seven eighths inches in diameter so it is handy for the pocket or handbag when out and about.

The Space Vac Container is offered by us at just £6.99 and can be supplied in either opaque or clear, ideal for a portable addition to add to the collection of containers for keeping your herbs or tobacco clean and fresh.

Space Vac Container

A great gift for the smoker in your life – Printed Design Tobacco Pouch

Are you at a loss to find that gift for a friend or partner, well take a look at some of these useful and neatly designed tobacco pouches? The printed design tobacco pouches have always been a big hit with our customers and the six designs can be perfect for someone that you know.

Ye old stash pouch, say no more, no tobacco kept in here overnight, does he drive a security van, perhaps the jester would suit the “joker” that you know, keep calm and carry on for the laid back member of your circle, roll up roll up for someone who just loves doing that, and for the guy or gal who spends their time meeting like-minded enthusiasts, the VW camper van.

The tobacco pouches feature a neat magnetic locking system and has a lining that will ensure that you tobacco is always kept in mint condition. A convenient pocket for keeping your papers, at the back is a zip lock pocket where you can keep your lighter or some money and the appearance is realistic looking faux leather and is offered by us at just £4.99, perfect for an added stocking filler, or anytime gift.

Printed Design Tobacco Pouch

How to keep your rolling tobacco moist and fresh

Buying rolling tobacco as opposed to manufactured cigarettes is a great way of saving and there are a number of ways in which you can keep your tobacco fresh as the day it was bought, buying a small quantity will ensure that you smoke the tobacco before it becomes dry, but at we all know this is a more expensive way to buy rolling tobacco, it is much cheaper to buy it in bulk.

Keeping the bulk product fresh could be a problem, but we have a number of inexpensive products that will ensure that your tobacco remains fresh and good to smoke, because as you will know, smoking old dry tobacco loses its taste.

Now what we would suggest that you do is to split your bulk tobacco into smaller amounts so it can be stored more easily, you can even keep it in a freezer if you have a lot and are not likely to use if for some time.

We have a number of 1oz and 2oz tins as well as traditional tobacco pouches, the tins are particularly useful for keeping small amounts of tobacco, or even used to store a load of pre-rolled cigarettes, they will fit nicely in the pocket or bag. Because they are airtight they will always keep your tobacco or herbal product fresh.

Tobacco pouch