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Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking Blend

This company is a relative newcomer when we are considering smoking or tobacco products, but do not be fooled by newness of the company or the Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking blend; it’s a real winner and has become a global leader in the tobacco substitute field. The Real Leaf Wild Damiana Blend is […]

Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco

If what you want is a 100% tobacco substitute that is an organic natural blend, nicotine free, easy to roll thanks to the finely chopped leaf, guaranteed not to leave any aftertaste, and certified by an independent laboratory to contain no formaldehyde or DDT, that lights every time easily, as well as uniformly, we have […]

Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

If you are looking for a tobacco free life we have the perfect answer for you with the Kangertech Subox Mini Starter Kit, which contains just about everything that you will need to sustain this. With this kit you can vape up to50w and at a resistance as low as 0.3ohms a great choice, add […]

Nicotine free alternatives – Honeyrose farmers blend Mixture

The Honeyrose herbal mixture is guaranteed entirely tobacco free, made entirely with natural herbs, including marshmallow, red clover and rose petals and is an aromatic blend of pure honey, apple juice and natural flavours. One of the great things about Honeyrose mixture is that it is entirely nicotine free and is perfect if you have […]

Say no to tobacco with Tobakno

Quit the nicotine habit and relax with Tobakno which is a tasteful, spiritual mix of 5 different herbs that will give you a lightly stimulating and uplifting effect with the refreshing mix of herbs, without nicotine! This unique herbal blend consists of a mix of some of nature’s most peace invoking and calming herbs. These […]

Amico Sweet Palm Wraps

Amico Sweet Palm Wraps are flavoured blunts made from palm leafs; they come pre-rolled, have their own filter and each one comes with an ‘injector stick’ so that you can properly pack your chosen herbal blends for a great smoke. Available in a range of mouth-watering flavours including bourbon whiskey, vanilla, chocolate cake and Jamaican […]