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Smokus Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar

We think that you will like this new addition to the range of storage jars which we offer at our web pages, it’s from one of our favourite makers of jars, Smokus Focus! The low profile of the Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar is sure to catch the eye, but there is much more than […]

Cookies 3 Tier Stacked Storage Container

It is vital to keep dried herbs and spices free from airborne contamination; this is because they are particularly susceptible to airborne contamination from everyday items that are found within our homes. The result can be that our herbs, if smoked, or used in the kitchen, becoming tainted and having an unpleasant taste, which is […]

Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Container

Ask any chef, or even your Mum, they will tell you that there is nothing that can compare with using fresh herbs in culinary dishes. But, even they will have the to admit that culinary herbs stored in one of the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Containers, and used in their dishes will be as good […]

30 Dram Push ‘N’ Turn Vial

This could be just what the doctor ordered, well it might be if you wanted to keep medication or prescription tablets handy, but in our case it is ideal for storing herbs and spices in one convenient pot. This will keep your herbs fresh, and the bonus is that it is child proof, so no […]

420 Classic Pop Top Jar Space Man

We can be sure that whatever you may have been smoking in your smoking pipe, chillum or bong, out in space there will be nobody that will be able to smell it, what is more, with this great 420 space man jar, no one will smell your herbal smoking blends when stored In them and […]

Freshness guaranteed with the CoffeeVac Airtight Container

Place two cups of coffee on the table, one which has been made with freshly ground beans and the other with those which have been in the cupboard or refrigerator stored in a bag for days, or heaven forbid weeks, and then take a taste from each cup, the difference you will find is quite […]

Store your precious herbs away in Honeyworks Honeypots

When you have obtained your extracts, the last thing that you want is for these to become tainted and the perfect way to store, or even transport these is to ensure that the container is of the highest quality, which is why we recommend Honeypots. These are made by Honeyworks, a British company, who specialise […]

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

The two sizes of Cheeky One stash pots are perfect whether you are going away for the weekend or just out for the day and allow taking your hash with you easy. Well-constructed, the stash pots themselves are available in a selection of colours, currently we are offering these in Red, Black and Silver. The […]