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Rolls Secret Box

This has been described as being very simple, but then are not some of the most successful items in production today been simple, but nonetheless very functional and guaranteed to do the job for which they were intended perfectly?

The Rolls Secret Box has achieved great success; this is witnessed by the number of orders that have been placed for it. We say that it is functional; it does exactly what is described on the packaging, the secret compartment where you can keep special items or your herbs or other smoking bits is found beneath the rolling tray, which is easily removed by pressing down on the tray just above the Rolls logo in the centre, just how clever is that ?

This stylish little rolling box is made from 2.5cm thick plywood and the plexiglass has a neat illustration on the face. It is a perfect size to carry in the pocket or bag measuring 16cm x 10cm x 2,5cm, this Rolls Secret Box with rolling tray is the perfect roll base and mixing bowl to have everything in one place, at just £28.00.

Store your personal items safely with Lotus Flower Boxes

Followers of the Buddhism will be well aware that the lotus flower has deep meaning associated with purity and beauty.  The Hindu religion also relates in a similar way, and in Egypt the lotus flower was associated with rebirth and in hieroglyphics discovered, the Lotus flower is the most commonly portrayed. Beauty could also be said of the three different sized Lotus Flower boxes that are displayed on our web pages.

These boxes are genuine Indian craved Shisham wood, which has characteristics very similar to rosewood and it is regarded as the most important timber in India after teak. The boxes illustrate the lotus flower which has been carved onto the lid and they are perfect to keep not just your smoking items, tobacco, or herbal mixtures, but they can be used for other personal items too.

We are offering the Lotus Flower Boxes in three sizes, with approximate measurements of, large: 175mm x 70mm x 125mm, this has an internal measurement 150mm x 50mm x 97mm. The medium Lotus Box is 145mm x 50mm x 92mm, internally this relates to 120mm x 40mm x 65mm. The small Lotus Flower Box is still a generous 110mm x 35mm x 60mm, and 85mm x 22mm x 38mm internally.

We believe that the craftsmanship that is so clearly apparent with these boxes belies the price; just £4.99 for the smallest version, £7.99 for the medium sized box and £12.99 for the largest.

The Lotus Flower Boxes are just one of a number of similar boxes carved by Indian craftsmen shown on our web page.