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The Good Book Deluxe

There are numerous examples of classy hiding places to keep valuables away from the prying eyes of “Billy the Burglar” many examples of which can be seen at our web pages. The Good Book Deluxe is another example and one which has to rank pretty near the top. It would be hard to distinguish this […]

Keep your valuables safe with the Pentagram Treasure Trove

Indian artisans have a special knack when it comes to working with wood and creating decorative and functional furniture. Using simple tools they are adept at carving designs into wood without machinery or templates. The two Pentagram Treasure Trove stash boxes offered by us are just one example of their skilled work and they are […]

Realistic Stash Books

Want to hide your most precious possessions away from preying eyes and sticky fingers? Then a Realistic Stash Book is want you need. These realistic looking stash books slot effortlessly into any bookcase and is without a doubt one of the best ways of hiding your personal items. Realistic Stash Books come in two sizes […]

Stash Camera Lens

What to hide your possessions away from preying eyes and light fingers friends? Then the Stash Camera Lens is the perfect item. On the outside it looks like an ordinary camera lens, but lift the top to find a hidden compartment to put all of your valuables in. The lid has a rubber seal that […]

Medium Carved Wooden Flower Lock Boxes

For those of your that want to keep your prized possessions away from preying eyes and hands, hiding them away is the best idea. Shiva has a range of stash trays and boxes that are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and out of the way. One of the more popular ranges of stash boxes […]