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Keep your things safe with a Pringles Stash Can

We feel sure that this Pringles Stash Can will look completely normal when placed with other household objects in your kitchen cupboard, but of course this package holds a completely different product, your valuables held in a secure compartment away from prying eyes. To complete the realistic look of the can, it actually contains some […]

Pringles Stash Can

The police will tell us that a petty burglar will not hang about your property after he has made entry, a quick look around to see if there is anything that might be of value that they can take and then get out as fast as they can. So it would make a lot of […]

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

It is a known fact that a burglar, whether they be simply petty thieves or time served hardened and experienced criminals, do not hang about a house that they have broken into, less than five minutes is the time that is usually spent. These thieves know where the most obvious places are in a home […]

Drinks Stash Cans – keeping your valuables safe!

Do you want to hide your possessions away from preying eyes and light fingered friends, you can be sure that’s what we would want to do, so why not make the storage of the possessions look pretty obvious? By using a totally real looking and feeling Stash Can, which you can leave at home or […]

Keep your valuables safe with the Tire Shine Stash Can

A burglar can spend as little as five minutes in your home, reports vary according to different police forces, but however long it is he will not want to be hanging around searching. What he will do, usually through experience is to go straight to the most obvious places for valuables, and this is not […]

Keep your possessions safe with the Axe Deodorant Stash Can

The Axe deodorant is a product that is manufactured by Unilever and we believe that it “does what it says on the tin” but we can ensure that it does a whole lot more than keeping you cool and confident all day. The Axe Deodorant Stash Can is not only indistinguishable from the real thing […]

New products at Shiva Online

Here at Shiva Online we’re always adding new products and here are some of them: RAW Kingsize Smoking Wallet The RAW Kingsize Smoking Wallet is a great accessory for keeping all of your rolling accessories in one place. Made from natural hessian, this smoking wallet looks the business and comes complete with a foil fresh […]

Drinks Stash Cans

Keeping your prized possessions away from preying eyes and fingers is easy with Drinks Stash Cans. You can store just about anything in these stash cans from your herbal mixtures to keys or even money; no-one will know the difference between these and the real thing. Available in a range of different brands including Coca […]

Black Power Battery Stash Tin – keeping your possessions safe!

There’s an old saying that goes ‘the best place to hide something is in plain view’ and its true of these fantastic Black Power Battery stash tins. This compact stash tins are ideal to hide small items and valuables away from greedy fingers and because they look like normal batteries no one will know the […]