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Keep your things safe with a Pringles Stash Can

We feel sure that this Pringles Stash Can will look completely normal when placed with other household objects in your kitchen cupboard, but of course this package holds a completely different product, your valuables held in a secure compartment away from prying eyes. To complete the realistic look of the can, it actually contains some […]

True Utility Cash Stash

When we go out and about, in particular clubbing, we do not necessarily want to carry a wallet or bag with us, the days of dancing around handbags are long since passed! This is where the latest cash storage device is ideal. The True Utility Cash Stash is a handy capsule which will hold sufficient […]

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

We all have times when we need to carry some medication tablets, extra paracetamol to ward off the headache from just a tiny bit too much last night or to keep our stash clean and away from contamination. Well this Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot is perfect for all those occasions and what is […]

Pringles Stash Can

The police will tell us that a petty burglar will not hang about your property after he has made entry, a quick look around to see if there is anything that might be of value that they can take and then get out as fast as they can. So it would make a lot of […]

The Good Book Deluxe

There are numerous examples of classy hiding places to keep valuables away from the prying eyes of “Billy the Burglar” many examples of which can be seen at our web pages. The Good Book Deluxe is another example and one which has to rank pretty near the top. It would be hard to distinguish this […]

Protect your cash with the True Utility Cash Stash

There cannot be many of us, that is if we are being completely truthful, that have not have run out of cash, or not had enough money to buy the last round of drinks, maybe had to walk home because the few coppers we have left would not get us far in a taxi, and […]

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

There are some items which all of us want to keep safe from microorganisms, children, thieves, moisture, sunlight and the air we breathe, for example herbal products, medication and valuables. Medication is a prime example and although this often comes in a bottle or container that is claimed to be child proof, but watching his […]

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

It is a known fact that a burglar, whether they be simply petty thieves or time served hardened and experienced criminals, do not hang about a house that they have broken into, less than five minutes is the time that is usually spent. These thieves know where the most obvious places are in a home […]

Keep your tobacco fresh with the Space Vac Container

This item has recently arrived and we are very excited about it and rightly so, it is the latest vacuum sealed system to arrive from our friends at TightVac. Although it is specifically designed for herbs and tobacco, it has many other uses, but with the unique vacuum sealed system, which is designed to keep […]

Hardback Safe Book

Keep your valuable safe from those prying eyes by placing them in the most obvious of places, in a bookcase or a shelf with some interesting novels neatly on display! We have a number of clever devise on our web pages which are designed to keep your valuables out of the reach of thieves, well […]